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“To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower

Hold infinity in the palms of your hand and eternity in an hour.”

– William Blake

Eternity by John Poltrack on
Eternity Awaits



The Sacred and the Profane

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Good morning,  I’ve reached back in the archives for a couple of analog photos that I took during my Navy Years (1968). During Vietnam I was deployed on a carrier that  traveled to Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. In one of those places I encountered this Buddha Sculpture in a park. It is rendered in Sepia tones because the dyes in the transparency had faded away over the years.

Before I was deployed on the ship, I was stationed at Imperial Beach NAS in California. On weekends I would catch a bus and head to San Diego or the beaches up the coast. One one urban exploration I took the photo of the street sign. of the Strip Club, however I cannot verify the veracity of the advertising.

Buddha by John Poltrack on


Go Go Girls by John Poltrack on
Go Go Girls


Signs for Sunday

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I’m always on the lookout for interesting signs for the photo theme #SignSunday. Here are  a few.

Don't bug me, I'm meditating
Sign at Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge, NH
San Diego 1970
Painless Nell
I was willing to test this out. Taken in San Diego 1970
I saw this sign at music event in Gilford, NH


Laxative effect?

If you gotta go, order a Squatty Potty from

I dug into the archives for this pick for the photo theme #SignSunday. When I was in the Navy in the 1970s I was stationed in Imperial Beach, CA.  We took a road trip to Las Vegas to win big money. On the way we took a pit stop and as soon as I saw this sign,  I knew I had a photo for the ages.

I decided not to test the sign’s veracity and opted for beer.

When we took this trip the Jerry Reed song When You’re Hot You’re Hot  was in the top of the charts. We sang it all the way to Vegas, but not on the way back. To save money for gambling we didn’t bother with a motel. We slept in the desert out of sight. My buddies slept in the car but I curled up in a sleeping bags on the ground. I learned a few things that night. I learned that the desert is really cold and I learned how stupid I would have felt if a snake or scorpion had joined me (they didn’t).  I remember that we stopped into Caesar’s Palace the next morning to rid ourselves of any money that remained and meeting Liberace (I am not making this up). We looked great, just as you would expect from a couple of sailors who had slept in the desert.

At least I didn’t drink this water.


Laxative Water Sign
Are you thirsty?

Repent (Sign Sunday)

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One of the photo themes I follow is Sign Sunday. My hometown offers quite a selection of interesting signs.  There are many that promote a religious or political viewpoint such as these. When I see these I’m reminded of the phrase “wearing your religion on your sleeve”.

However this primarily a photo blog, a chonicle of what I see, check out my Musings Blog for my take on the human condition.

And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men.Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

Matthew 6:5

But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

Matthew 6:6

REPENT by John Poltrack on


Signs of New Ipswich by John Poltrack on
Thank You Mommy


Signs of New Ipswich by John Poltrack on
John 1:29


You have been warned!

I try to remember to have a camera with me at all times because you never know what you might see. I always keep my eye out for signs that might be appropriate for the photo theme #SignSunday.

Enjoy the view (at your own risk)
I chose not to enter the water and be dashed on the rocks at Halibut Point State Park in Rockport, MA
Don't Fall

Sign at Highbridge in New Ipswich. It is a little scary to stand on a rock bridge that was built in the 1800s
Strong Currents
Chatham Cape Cod, a place to be afraid of everything

What a blast!
They aren’t kidding, walking into  propeller could ruin your day. A jet exhaust blast could send you flying off the deck.

Enjoy your swim
More bad news from Chatham
Avoid being eaten, stung or bitten
Sharks, Jellyfish and Seals….. Seals?

Escherichia coli
We took a chance and jumped in anyway
Enjoy your hike
I hate ticks, creepy disease vectors. Enjoy your hike.

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Sunday Photo Themes

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Spring is 61 days away

Good morning, another drastic change in the weather from yesterday. Instead of zero temperatures we are supposed to have heavy rains today, but I suspect it will start as freezing rain, the bane of trees and power lines.  We’ll wait and see what surprises nature will provide.
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Maybe the third time might be the charm for Mitt
This sign appeared in 2012 in the middle of conservation land in Mason, NH

From deep in the archives comes a photo from the early 1960s

One for #DoorSunday
Jaffrey, NH
A face in the tree
Port Angeles, WA

Find more about Weather in New Ipswich, NH
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Sunday Photo Themes

A collection of Photo Themes for Sunday
Learn about this project on the GplusPhotoPages website
Several of these photos were taken at the andres institute of art in Brookline, NH
There were many interesting sights to see and I’ll be posting more about this sculpture garden in subsequent days.
A rusty Hudson spotted at a neighbor’s party to celebrated the “Last Hurrah” of Summer

#70 Conscious – Isadore Batu Siharulidze, Republic of Georgia

#34 Transitions – Georgiy Kudravchenko, Ukraine
One of the most interesting features of this is the bowling trophy on the head piece
This was my choice for #SquareSunday

I didn’t get this feature in the photo but this sculpture had wheels and a dragon’s tail

A2 Entrance Sign (Commitment) -John M. Weidman, New Hampshire, USA

Fire Island again for #BeachSunday

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Sunday Photo Themes

A collection of Photo Themes for Sunday
Learn about this project on the GplusPhotoPages website
We attended an awesome wedding on Fire Island this weekend. Along with taking lots of photos of relatives and the wedding, I had the opportunity to find a few “theme” photos.
These were taken at Fire Island.
It was 37 degrees in New Ipswich, NH
But on Fire Island, I was jumping into a warm Atlantic Ocean
What a beach!
An Aztec door spotted on Fire Island
Unique isn’t it
My cousin remarked that he would not enter such a place

This is my idea of a dress code
Living on the island

At the ferry pier I noticed this abstract formed by rusty staples
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