People’s Place Music Jam

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Good Morning, warm weather next week.

Last night I played some tunes with the regulars at The People’s Place in Gardner , MA. I uploaded two gospel videos featuring Pam and Heidi.

Dunn State Park Music Jam : November 2015

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On the first Sunday at the month from 1 – 4 PM at Dunn State Park in Gardner, MA. a number of folks gather to pick out a few tunes. We play bluegrass, gospel, folk and some country. It is great fun. This time we arrived in the middle of a birthday party and become part of the festivities.

Dunn State Park Bluegrass Jam

Betty and Lew Wilson (guitar), Pam Harris (banjo)

Pam picks out Big Sandy River on the 5 string

Dunn State Park Bluegrass Jam

We play in the lodge with this view of Dunn Pond.

Fireworks Music Fest

The Children’s Fair is always held on the third Saturday in August. The Jaffrey “Festival of Fireworks” is also held on that date. This year I was attended a private party at Dave and Ellen Hedman who live just close enough to have a wonderful view of the fireworks. The fireworks were great but the real treat of the evening was the opportunity to hear and play with some amazing musicians. Here is a sample.