Rockland Hotel Revisited – "If you’re really from Stamford (CT) you’d know"

It is amazing how our family history percolates to the surface via social media. The prime example of course is the drive in sensation “The Horror of Beach” that was filmed in my birth place Stamford, CT. I remember seeing this at the Shippan Drive In  with my cousins. We went because our uncles were extras in the film.

Just recently I saw some mentions of the Rockland Hotel on Facebook. The Poltrack Family managed this for some time during prohibition and as kids we heard some great stories about designated dumping areas for booze if they were raided.

I don’t know if any of this is true, but I would like to learn more of the hotel. My older cousins remember a bit of the hotel, especially the mourning period when they learned  that my uncle Fran had been killed in  battle in Peleliu.

Apparently the hotel was quite elegant. I’ll add a few “new” photos.

Rockland  Hotel Interior Shot
Rockland Hotel Staircase
Not sure but I think this is my Great Aunt and First Cousin 1x Removed
Farewell Party for my Dad and his cousin going off to war
Another shot of the farewell party
 My dad in the front row just left of my watermark
All my relatives, all gone now
There is additional information available about the hotel’s early history on the Stamford Historical Society’s website Widgets