The Last of the Fall Foliage

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New Hampshire Garden Solutions

Well, the last of fall foliage colors have just about faded. With the initial colorful burst of all the different maples over it is up to the oaks and beeches to end the show and they’ve been doing so in spectacular fashion, as the huge oak in the above photo shows.

Oak trees come in many colors; reds, yellows and oranges mostly but also occasionally deep purple and even pink. This photo of one of our hillsides shows most of their colors fairly well but I think the brightest yellows might belong to beeches.

It’s funny but at the start of the foliage season you either don’t see or don’t pay attention to the oaks because they’re still green. It’s only when they start to turn color that you begin to notice them and I was surprised that there were so many around this local pond. I’ve visited this place…

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2016 Retrospective

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I have 9,326 photos that were created in 2016 (not counting the ones that I’ll be taking on New Years Eve).  Some of those were scanned from older photos, some were screenshots, or downloads. A lot of the files were duplicates or bracketed shots for HDR. I ignored those and chose a subset for a retrospective of the year. It was an election year and I have a few photos of some of the candidates, even one of the guy that won. Enjoy the tour.














Over in the Summer Land

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I was greeted with a coating of wet snow this morning. Hopefully it won’t freeze into an impenetrable mess. I’m already growing weary of having to wear stabilicers when I take a morning walk.

Today’s photo theme is #CemeterySaturday. There are many interesting older graveyards in New Hampshire and I’m always on the lookout for interesting gravestones and epitaphs.


Over in the Summerland by John Poltrack on
Over in the Summer Land


East Cemetery by John Poltrack on


Gone Home by John Poltrack on


Washburn’s Windy Hill Orchard

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Good morning,

I always enjoy stopping at Windy Hill Orchard to click a few photos. It is a beautiful farm. At first I heard that it was closing but that was in error.  Here is an update.


Great family place to pick apples and pumpkins, with a view of the Autumn colors


A mellow cow gives me the look

Windy Hill Orchard

A farm should have some farm animals

End of Apple Season

It was  great year for apples, but no corn maze this year

Windy Hill Orchard

Autumn in New Hampshire

Corn Maze

Corn Patch

Nice weekend for photos

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Good Morning, we got a dose of reality this weekend when the temperatures dropped below freezing. Normally in New Ipswich a hard frost would have occurred in late September. But it was a great weekend for photographs.

Emily McCuddy Krook posted a great photo of Tenney Road in New Ipswich on Facebook (See Below)

Tenney Road in Autumn by John Poltrack on

After seeing Emily’s post I felt inspired to check out the road myself. Once again I’m reminded that New Ipswich is really beautiful in the Fall. No need to drive up to the White Mountains. It is all local for us.

Tenney Road in Autumn by John Poltrack on

 Living the rural life in New Ipswich

Leaf Litter by John Poltrack on

A view of the Souhegan River from Taylor Road  in Smithville, New Ipswich.

Autumn colors on Temple Road

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This weekend, millions of leaf peepers took the annual pilgrimage throughout New Hampshire and Vermont. Most headed up to the White Mountains and got stuck in traffic. In New Ipswich, we have it a bit easier, we only need to step outside.

These photos were taken along Temple Road in New Ipswich. As one travels from New Ipswich to Temple, there are a number of NO PIPELINE signs. Temple Road is the proposed location for a 40,000 HP Compressor Station which is part of the Northeast Energy Direct natural gas pipeline that Kinder Morgan seeks to build in New England, New York and Pennsylvania. I’d rather we just leave the road as it is.

Temple Road in Autumn
Unnamed pond on Temple Road
Temple Road in Autumn
Unnamed pond near Temple Road in New Ipswich, NH.
Flood Control Dam 13
Flood Control Dam 13 in New Ipswich, NH
Flood Control Dam 13
Flood Control Dam Site 13 on Temple Road, New Ipswich, NH.
Flood Control Dam 13
Flood Control Dam Site 13

Flood Control Dam 13

Autumn colors at Tophet Swamp

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The first Autumn color appears in wet areas when the Red Maple (Acer rubrum) puts on a display of red leaves. This is a prelude to the real display of Sugar Maple and Beech which occurs later in October.

Tophet Swamp
Tophet Swamp in New Ipswich, NH
Tophet Swamp
Tophet Swamp in New Ipswich, NH
Pipeline Supporter
Unusual to see a Pro-Pipeline sign in New Ipswich. Perhaps the sign maker depicted the wrong finger in the graphic.

New Ipswich Harvest Festival

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It was cold and raw on the day of the New Ipswich Harvest Festival but everyone seemed to be dressed for the weather.

When I think of Autumn Festivals I think of apples and pumpkins
Music with seating on hay bales
Pumpkin Painting
Pumpkin painting booth hosted by Mason Brook Nursery
Pumpkin painting
This pumpkin appeared to have some intestinal distress. Actually it was a target in a pie throwing booth.
Cow pie bingo. Once the cow deposits a chip on the grid a winner is declared.
Nennie and friend
Nennie’s Five Star Catering provided a great selection of hot food which was quite welcome on such a cold day.
Chicken BBQ
Chicken BBQ.
Lucy Hutching
Lucy Hutching with her warmly dressed children.
Lucy's child
I couldn’t resist taking extra photos of Lucy’s “kidz”
Lucy's child
Keeping warm
Eli Hutching
Eli dressed for the weather
Harvest Fair
Dressing for the weather
Harvest Fair
Warm Hat

Autumnal Equinox

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Good morning and welcome to Autumn, my favorite season.

It seemed appropriate to post some photos from past years that were taken in New Ipswich to mark this day. Many folks complain that it is followed by winter, but this year that is not going to happen. The world is scheduled to end on September 28th so embrace this day.

Barrett House
Fall in New Ipswich, blue sky and brilliant sugar maples
Water Loom Pond, New Ipswich, NH
Water LoomPond
Water Loom pond in October 2004
Frosty morning on Damsite 35 in Smithville