Secret Circus

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On Independence Day in 2013 I attended the New Boston, NH parade which marked the town’s 250th anniversary. Later I went to the Hillsborough County Fairground to have lunch, see the antique cars, the Molly Stark cannon, mud volleyball and other small town activities.

The town had booked an act called Secret Circus  who put on quite an entertaining show. Maya and Brent McCoy juggle, tell jokes, interact with the audience and as a grand finale, Maya fires a toilet plunger “arrow” at a target held by her husband who is atop a unicycle.

Visit their website to see examples of their clowning.

Boy holds paella pan which doubles as a target for a toilet plunger
The Archer by John Poltrack on
The Archer


The Archer by John Poltrack on
Surveying the target

4th of July Celebration at the New Boston Fairgrounds

New Boston celebrates Independence Day with a parade and a number of events held at the Hillsborough County 4H Fairgrounds in New Boston, NH.

At noon the Molly Stark Cannon is fired much to the delight of the crowd

Molly Stark CannonChicken BBQ always a treatChicken BBQ
And some ice cream for dessert churned by a gasoline engine from 1858

Patrick O’Brien with some miniature horses
Miniature HorsesI had to leave before the mud volleyball match which is very entertaining. They provide an outdoor spigot and hose for the participants.Fourth of July Celebration in New Boston
Mary Poppins marched in the parade,  I met Sister Suffragette at the fairgrounds

“We’re clearly soldiers in petticoatsDauntless crusaders for women’s votes!”

Votes for WomenNothing runs like a DeereJohn Deere
Classic Cars
The ClassicsEngines were simpler back thenEdelbrock

Fourth of July Celebration in New BostonMusic provided  by the Cider Press Band Cider Press Band

Cider Press BandCider Press Band

4th of July Parade in New Boston – 2015

Happy Birthday America!

Uncle Sam greets the onlookers at the New Boston, NH annual 4th of July Parade
Uncle Sam
86 New Boston men volunteered to serve in the American Civil War (1861-1865). 29 died in service. Learn more on the New Boston Historical Society webpage.
New Boston Fourth of July parade
The newest town citizen participated in his first parade. The oldest citizen was also in the parade
Arthur E. Welch IV
The terminus of the parade is the Hillsborough 4H Fairgrounds.
Hillsborough 4H
The “Constitution” pumper
The Constitution Pumper
Best view of the parade is on mom’s shoulders
Bird's eye view
What is more Americana than a parade with tractors?
Tractors on Parade
Doing backflips for the crowd
Back Flip
Eat candy and get sprayed from a float
Nemo Float
Never forget
67 Nam

New Boston Fairgrounds – 4th of July Activities

After the parade the festivities continue on the New Boston Fairgrounds, with a chicken BBQ, mud volleyball, entertainment, horse events and more. The events start with the firing of the Molly Stark Cannon. Community Reporter Bill Wynne  posted this video.
Fair Attendee Daisy Carr has a wink for the folks enjoying the chicken BBQ.

The Little Red Wagon playhouse presents “Into the Grimm”
The Little Red Wagon is the longest running nonprofit, children’s theatre tour in the United States. Since 1971, “The Wagon” has performed every summer at more than 70 locations throughout New England.

Couldn’t resist a peek at the steering wheel of a antique. No air bags, no plastic, just wood and steel
Sarah Nelson plays fiddle with Rich Hamilton (video at end of this posting). The program listed the act as “Banjo and Old Lace”  which was incorrect. Sarah partners with another banjo player with a different repertoire

Maya “Butterfly” McCoy takes aim with a plunger.
Stunts, Acrobatics and more from “The Secret Circus”

General Silliness

Excellent Juggling

More Fire
A funny bit including sharp knives and a young boy (really)

Target for Plunger (“Butterfly” hit it on the first shot)

Impressive. “Honeymoon” was atop this holding the plunger target.

Audience participation. Jason was a good sport.

Mud Volleyball


Some videos of the Entertainment (sorry about the shakiness, I had no tripod)

The Secret Circus

New Boston 4th of July Parade

Celebrating the 4th of July in New Boston with a color guard, floats, antique cars and tractors, clowns and more! New Boston is also celebrating it’s 250th Anniversary.
The Molly Stark Cannon, the emblem of the town. Fired three times at the Fair Grounds every July 4th.
Who fought in the cause of Liberty and Justice. Plaque on Town Common (near Gazebo)
Veterans of New Boston (Plaque on Town Common)
What’s a parade without balloons?
What’s a parade with balloons and clowns?
New Boston Gazebo – Summer concerts on Sundays
Inscription on the Molly Stark Cannon
Celebrating it’s 250th Birthday
I fueled up with  a burrito before clicking some photos
New Boston Historical Society, former site of the Library. My Mom is an enthusiastic volunteer.
Precarious reviewing stand for the parade. I have no idea how you are supposed to climb this.
New Boston Landmark, Dodge’s Store
Burrito Merchant
Little People’s Bike Parade
Color Guard
Hibernian Pipes and Drums – Manchester NH
New Boston FD
The Constitution #2 pumper used to fight the fire of 1887 which destroyed most of New Boston’s village center.
The pinball pumper
Used to train young people wishing to be firemen. It’s quite a workout to operate the full size hand pumper.
Softball champs spray the spectators
One of many birthday cake floats
It wouldn’t be a parade without a calliope
Troop 123 – Cannon Patrol
New Boston Historical Society float. Tavern carriage shuttled train passengers to lodging
Tavern Carriage – My Mom on right
I don’t how she got up there, at 92 she is not as agile as she used to be
New Hampshire Cowboy Mounted Shooters
If you like old cars, this parade was a real treat
1919 – probably the oldest in the parad
One of two floats about the May 11 1887 fire that destroyed most of the town village
I have no idea, but a lot of water was sprayed around
Enthusiastic group
New Boston Creamery float
New Boston Creamery
It wouldn’t be a parade with tractors, new and old
What a great hat
On the Farm
Yikes, I remember when these were on the road
A classic muscle car
It wouldn’t be a parade without an old pickup beauty
I have no idea, but I know it can get out of mud
I hope they were given lots of water
Happy Birthday
A coulrophobe’s worse nightmare
More clowns

Bektash Temple mini-monster trucks
New Boston Railroad
New Boston RR
Fire of May 11, 1887
School House
Hollis Dixieland Band
Halloween on the Common
Andy’s Drive-In float
Traffic 1920s style
If you like antique cars, New Boston was the place to be
Racing Car
Traffic Jam 1929
Another Cake
Notice the hand crank
Karmann Ghia – My Mom had one of these, now she bombs around New Boston in a Yellow Mini-Cooper
Fellow Nam vets, glad to see them in this parade
This is for real. Joe English Pond. In 2010 a 2,000 pound WWII bomb was dug up and detonated
Belgian Horses pulling the Molly Stark Cannon  (not visible in this shot)
Parade of Golf Carts Widgets