New Boston Fairgrounds – 4th of July Activities

After the parade the festivities continue on the New Boston Fairgrounds, with a chicken BBQ, mud volleyball, entertainment, horse events and more. The events start with the firing of the Molly Stark Cannon. Community Reporter Bill Wynne  posted this video.
Fair Attendee Daisy Carr has a wink for the folks enjoying the chicken BBQ.

The Little Red Wagon playhouse presents “Into the Grimm”
The Little Red Wagon is the longest running nonprofit, children’s theatre tour in the United States. Since 1971, “The Wagon” has performed every summer at more than 70 locations throughout New England.

Couldn’t resist a peek at the steering wheel of a antique. No air bags, no plastic, just wood and steel
Sarah Nelson plays fiddle with Rich Hamilton (video at end of this posting). The program listed the act as “Banjo and Old Lace”  which was incorrect. Sarah partners with another banjo player with a different repertoire

Maya “Butterfly” McCoy takes aim with a plunger.
Stunts, Acrobatics and more from “The Secret Circus”

General Silliness

Excellent Juggling

More Fire
A funny bit including sharp knives and a young boy (really)

Target for Plunger (“Butterfly” hit it on the first shot)

Impressive. “Honeymoon” was atop this holding the plunger target.

Audience participation. Jason was a good sport.

Mud Volleyball


Some videos of the Entertainment (sorry about the shakiness, I had no tripod)

The Secret Circus

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