Paint Night at the New Ipswich Library

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Bring out your inner artist

New Ipswich Library

We are so excited to offer another Paint Night at the New Ipswich Library.

Come get creative!

Friday, February 3, 2017
6:30 pm
Cost: $35 per person (all paint supplies included)

Join Art Happens at the New Ipswich Library and create your own masterpiece of “Path of Love”! The price includes all painting materials and a step-by-step lesson to create this painting. Please sign up online via the link below as soon as possible.

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Lula Wiles Concert in New Ipswich

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Lula  Wiles performed many of their songs at a summer party in New Ipswich, NH.

The party was held in celebration of their newly released CD of original songs.

Lula Wiles
LULA WILES is Isa Burke: vocals, fiddle, acoustic and electric guitars Ellie Buckland: vocals, fiddle, acoustic guitar Mali Obomsawin: vocals, bass, acoustic guitar

Baltimore Oriole Feeder

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This is a tale of a Baltimore Oriole Feeder sans Baltimore Orioles.

When we vacation on the Cape I always visit the Bird Watchers General Store to see what items I might purchase for my feathered friends. A lot of people I know have great luck attracting Baltimore Orioles with orange slices and specialized feeders. After looking at some flimsy plastic feeders I settled on this glass and iron one which seems indestructible. So far no Orioles but this Gray Catbird seems to like it.

This weekend I’m shopping for oranges so this saga is not finished.

Gray Catbird by John Poltrack on


Gray Catbird by John Poltrack on

Naturally it figures that my nemesis would have a taste for grape jelly.


Thief by John Poltrack on

This fellow was actually licking the jelly off his paws. Still waiting for an Oriole.


Thief by John Poltrack on


Lowly Weeds

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This year folks will dose their lawns with gallons of broadleaf herbicides in their vain attempt to eliminate certain flowers they consider weeds. Personally I’m in awe of how these plants can continue to survive in the midst of the onslaught of chemical warfare.

I’ll never have the pristine solid carpet of green that one sees on advertisements, but I can do get the opportunity to look closely at these “weeds”.

Taraxacum officinale by John Poltrack on
Dandelion the king of lawn weeds, time to make some wine


White Violet by John Poltrack on
I see a number of both white and purple violets in my lawn. Time for a flower salad



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Good morning,

I was browsing through some photos the other day when I came across a few from 2014 taken when I visited Susan Durville in New Ipswich to see her baby goats. These little guys were so much fun to watch as they bounced around fighting for the milk. Her goats were as interested in me as I was in them, what fun.

Feeding baby goats by John Poltrack on
You can guess by my expression how much I enjoyed this opportunity to feed these cute little guys


The Spokesman by John Poltrack on
Billy, the spokesman had a few words to say


Goats by John Poltrack on
Giving me the eye


Antler by John Poltrack on


What time is it? by John Poltrack on
What time is it?


Down on the Farm by John Poltrack on
I would be remiss as a photographer if I didn’t click a shot of a weathered barn


A Deadly Embrace

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Without a doubt this is the most impressive example of a Bittersweet Vine that I have ever seen and right here in New Ipswich.

A Fatal Embrace by John Poltrack on
A mass of vegetation


A Fatal Embrace by John Poltrack on
The Tree didn’t stand a chance


A Fatal Embrace by John Poltrack on


A Fatal Embrace by John Poltrack on
The vine killed the tree and fungi is cleaning up the body




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Emerging Tulips by John Poltrack on
Garden bed at All Saints Episcopal Church in Peterborough, NH

I was pleased to see this bed of tulips looked so healthy. It is not the case in my garden. After a mild winter, my daffodils and daylilies sprouted a bit early. Around Easter the daffodils had well developed flower buds, just on the verge of opening.Then we got an unseasonably cold evening in the low teens. The plants went limp, not dead but hurting. Even the daylilies which are as strong as iron show signs of yellowing.

I’m not sure if any damage was inflicted on my Star Magnolia flower buds, but hopefully not. There is just no way to depend on New England weather.


Fuki for Friday

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Early in the Springtime one of the first flowers I see are these from the plant Petasites japonicus. It’s a strange plant that I aquired years ago at the New Ipswich Children’s Fair.

The flower bud is known as Fuki and Japan and can be prepared as a vegetable after being treated with an alkaline mixture. I grew it for the huge leaves which look almost tropical.It is supposed to be invasive but I find it to be quite well behaved and I like the patch that I’ve established in our old cellar hole.

Japanese Butterbur by John Poltrack on
Odd Flowers


Japanese Butterbur by John Poltrack on
The leaves are enormous, the appear to be tropical