More Mid September Flowers

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Read about the “Beechdrops” another Mycotrophic Wildflower

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As if someone flipped a switch, all of the sudden New England asters (Symphyotrichum novae-angliae) are blooming everywhere. Though they’re usually a light purple color I’m seeing more of the deep purple ones that I like so much this year. Asters are very beautiful things that provide one last ecstatic pollen gathering fling for the bees.


But the bees aren’t choosy and this bull thistle blossom (Cirsium vulgare) was as good as an aster, even though the asters bloomed just a few yards away.  Last year I was in a field where light and dark colored asters grew side by side and I saw bees go for the lighter colored aster blossoms nearly every time as they all but ignored the darker blossoms. I’ve wondered since if that’s why I don’t see as many of the deep purple asters.


Johnny jump ups (Viola tricolor)…

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A light in the forest

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The ice storm of 2008 decimated many of the white pine trees in New Ipswich, NH. I noticed all these fallen trees at the flood control dam site 35 on my daily walk.

A light in the forest by John Poltrack on


Washburn’s Windy Hill Orchard

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Good morning,

I always enjoy stopping at Windy Hill Orchard to click a few photos. It is a beautiful farm. At first I heard that it was closing but that was in error.  Here is an update.


Great family place to pick apples and pumpkins, with a view of the Autumn colors


A mellow cow gives me the look

Windy Hill Orchard

A farm should have some farm animals

End of Apple Season

It was  great year for apples, but no corn maze this year

Windy Hill Orchard

Autumn in New Hampshire

Corn Maze

Corn Patch

Autumnal Equinox

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Good morning and welcome to Autumn, my favorite season.

It seemed appropriate to post some photos from past years that were taken in New Ipswich to mark this day. Many folks complain that it is followed by winter, but this year that is not going to happen. The world is scheduled to end on September 28th so embrace this day.

Barrett House
Fall in New Ipswich, blue sky and brilliant sugar maples
Water Loom Pond, New Ipswich, NH
Water LoomPond
Water Loom pond in October 2004
Frosty morning on Damsite 35 in Smithville