First Parish Burying Ground

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I never pass the opportunity to visit older graveyards in the surrounding towns. The slate stones are still quite legible and many have stories to tell. The epitaphs on the limestone gravestones have eroded away, victims of acid rain.

This photo was taken behind the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Ashby, Massachusetts.

Ashby First Parish Burying Ground by John Poltrack on
Leaning Stones



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Good Morning, offering a few photos for the theme “Windows”. These shots were taken at the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Ashby, MA.

Ashby First Parish Church by John Poltrack on
Church Windows


Staircase by John Poltrack on


Witt Road

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Witt Road, IN Jaffrey NH is one of my favorite spots for photography. It offers a westerly view of Mount Monadnock. Just the spot to catch a sunset.  I took this photo in late afternoon in February, 2013. A typical New England wintertime view.

Witt Road by John Poltrack on
Witt Road, February 2013


Throwback Thursday: Goodbye old barn

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june 02, 2007

The Swenson barn on Whittemore Hill in New Ipswich, NH had fallen into disrepair after over 200 years. Family and friends gathered for a demolition party and to say goodbye to an old  friend and landmark.

barn interior view
The barn had plenty of ventilation and light. At this point the flooring had buckled and was unsafe.
barn demolition crew
Demolition crew discusses the best approach to this project.
old barn
Walker Magrauth (wearing hard hat) discusses best strategy to take the barn down safely.
old barn
At this point there was not much holding up the barn, yet it remained intact.
chain on barn
The plan was to attach a chain to a corner post and pull, the barn was supposed to collapse. Instead it shifted and remained intact.
second barn attempt
The second attempt was a bit more hazardous. The fact that the barn stayed intact for so long is a testament to post and beam construction.
Collapsing Barn
fallen barn
With a cloud of dust and a number of escaping bats, the barn falls.
Lynda grills burgers
Lynda Swenson grills some burgers as the dust settles behind her. We were there to help pick up the mess but spent the time eating and socializing. Walker used equipment to do the cleanup.
Lenny and Poltrack family
Lenny Swenson with my family.
Weber family
John and Angelika Weber with their son Parker.
Walker picks up the pieces. With the barn gone, there is a nice view of the field.