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A number of the older cemeteries in our area have decorative cast iron fencing and gates around family gravesites. These photos were taken at a cemetery in Greenville, NH.

This fencing also acted as a mortsafe and prevented grave robbing. However the decorative fencing itself is often the target for thieves.

Ironwork by John Poltrack on


Ironwork by John Poltrack on


First Parish Burying Ground

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I never pass the opportunity to visit older graveyards in the surrounding towns. The slate stones are still quite legible and many have stories to tell. The epitaphs on the limestone gravestones have eroded away, victims of acid rain.

This photo was taken behind the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Ashby, Massachusetts.

Ashby First Parish Burying Ground by John Poltrack on
Leaning Stones


The Sacred and the Profane

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Good morning,  I’ve reached back in the archives for a couple of analog photos that I took during my Navy Years (1968). During Vietnam I was deployed on a carrier that  traveled to Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. In one of those places I encountered this Buddha Sculpture in a park. It is rendered in Sepia tones because the dyes in the transparency had faded away over the years.

Before I was deployed on the ship, I was stationed at Imperial Beach NAS in California. On weekends I would catch a bus and head to San Diego or the beaches up the coast. One one urban exploration I took the photo of the street sign. of the Strip Club, however I cannot verify the veracity of the advertising.

Buddha by John Poltrack on


Go Go Girls by John Poltrack on
Go Go Girls


Is the sap running yet?

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Good Morning, we have a bit of snow today which seems almost quaint after the mild winter we have been having.

I picked up a half gallon of maple syrup from Somero Maple Farm here in New Ipswich. It is quiet in the evaporator room, but soon they will be in full operation. The conditions have to be just right for the sap to start flowing. The temperature has to be above freezing during the day and below freezing at night. Just a few more weeks to go.

Sap Collection by John Poltrack on
I gave this a try in February of 2010. A fun project.


End of the Season by John Poltrack on
By April the sap gathering stops and all the equipment is cleaned and stored for next year