Highbridge Bridge Update : Paving Day

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I really think we should have a ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of this bridge. Get the selectmen involved and drive some antique car  across this bridge. Today they were  paving the road on each side of the bridge. Right on schedule!

The bridge has a waterproof coating applied. A layer of asphalt will be applied to the bridge, followed by a “wear” layer.
Keep it smooth
Wonder who will be first to cross the river?

HIghbridge Repair Update: Guard Rails

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I took the opportunity to take a stroll along the newly constructed sidewalk across the span of the Highbridge bridge which is approaching completion. This is the first time since I’ve lived here to see the Souhegan River from this vantage point. It was impossible before without risking being struck by a car or truck.

New Sidewalk and attractive guard rails
Souhegan River
Looking upstream at the Souhegan from the bridge
Souhegan River
Souhegan forty feet below
Bridge is coated with some type of protective membrane. It is much wider than before.
Old bridge is still intact but is not part of the supporting structure.

Bridge repair update – a sidewalk!

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I was pleased to see the inclusion of raised sidewalk which will be included as part of the bridge repair project. I’ve always wanted to view the river without the danger of being run down.The workers poured the cement on September 18, 2015.

Highbridge Repair
Workers pour cement for the sidewalk on Highbridge.

Highbridge Repair Update – September 11, 2015

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A full day of work at Highbridge in New Ipswich.

Cement Pumper
Cement being pumped onto bridge decking and rebar. The pumper could only reach half way and needed to be moved to the other side to finish the work.
Wet Burlap
Workers cover the cement with wet burlap till it cures.
Cement Roller
A motor driven roller smooth the cement . It travels back and forth along rails (See Video).
One patch left
They used all the cement before they finished this patch. One worker joked that it was a speed bump. Another call for a cement truck.
Take a break
The workers got some down time until the last load of cement arrived.
No contact
The bridge is completely suspended over the span and has no physical contact with the original stone bridge. It offers an ideal habitat for a troll.

Bridge Repair Update – September 4, 2015

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The bridge looks great and is on schedule for traffic in mid-October.

Rebar in place. The green color is the epoxy coating to prevent corrosion when encased in cement.
Bridge repair
Workers on bridge. On the right side of this photo will be a raised sidewalk (with curb) which will allow pedestrians a safe passage over the bridge.
Bridge repair
The device being suspended by the crane has a metal roller to smooth the cement after it is poured.

Highbridge Repair Update – decking in place and secured to the support beams

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Cement decking arrives on site
Decking in place
Decking is constructed with rebar. The panels are supported on solid strips of insulation. Note how a channel is formed between the panels. That will be filled with cement and anchor bolts.
Dust can be seen from sandblasting between the panels. Later steel bolts will be welded to the support beams and back filled with grouting.
Welded posts in grout can be seen protruding above the decking.
Cement forms in place, cement poured and curing underway. Keeping it wet during the process.
From shore to shore, the first decking layer is in place. Later rebar will be added and 4 inches of cement will be added for the next layer.

Highbridge Repair Update – August 2, 2015

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Looks like things are progressing nicely with the bridge project across the Souhegan.

gravel surface
A nice bed of gravel has been laid across the bridge surface. It will be interesting to see what is next.
Bridge buttresses
The forms have been taken off the buttresses on the Northern side of the river.
With some of the brush and trees removed it is great to see what this bridge looked like when it was built.
Highbridge repair
Cement forms on the Southern side
Steel Bolts
Some serious hardware for the bridge

Bridge Repair Update- May 25, 2015

Some serious excavation on either side bank of the Souhegan.
Bridge Repair
Concrete forms and new drainage on the Northern bank of the bridge.
Bridge Repair
It will be interesting to see how large the span will be when they complete the project.
Bridge Repair
I can only assume that similar work is being performed on the Southern Bank. I’ll check that out for my next update.
Bridge Repair
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Highbridge Reconstruction Project – Update May 12, 2015

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Bridge Out
Some real progress has been made on the bridge work here in New Ipswich. Besides all the iron work they have plugged up the old water pipe (left) which used to carry water from Bank Village. Probably a good idea before someone crawled into it.

Bridge Out
A serious pile driver. Imagine hearing that all day. I suppose it would shake the china off the shelves in the nearby home.
Bridge Out
This shovel is parked right along the edge of a dirt bank, 42 feet above the Souhegan river. Please be careful.
Bridge Out
Nice view for these folks. Only consolation is that the banks won’t be eroding for some time.
Bridge Out