Throwback Thursday

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Good Morning, Today a look back 10 years, 5 years and one year for Throwback Thursday. All photos taken in New Ipswich, NH.

February 2006

Smithville Cemetery by John Poltrack on
South Cemetery in Smithville, NH

 February 2011

Stop by John Poltrack on

 February 2015

Serious Snowfall by John Poltrack on
We had pjust about enough of this stuff in 2015



Christmas Eve

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, I hope you had a joyful Festivus celebration last night. The warm weather continues in the Northeast so I’ve collected a few photos from the archives which are a bit more appropriate for the season.

Sunrays by John Poltrack on
Morning sunbeams


Ghost of Christmas by John Poltrack on
NICC in February


Snowshoeing by John Poltrack on
Snowshoeing on the last day of winter


Be careful what you wish for

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There are folks who feel we should have a White Christmas with snow and chilly temperatures. Those folks who have forgotten last winter. These photos were taken in March of 2015 in South Boston.

Imagine freeing a car from a frozen snowball. Wouldn’t that be fun? I look forward to wearing a Hawaiian shirt and laying in hammock on Christmas Eve 2015.

Single File by John Poltrack on
Single File
Single File by John Poltrack on
Get out the lawn chairs to mark your spot


Dude where’s my car?


Snowbanks by John Poltrack on
Emily stands next to an impressive snow bank


Snowed In by John Poltrack on
What fun getting this out


Thawing out in New Ipswich

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For the first time in weeks the thermometer pushed past freezing. Sunday was such a welcome relief. The temperature climbed to almost 40 degrees. In late afternoon we did some snowshoeing over Damsite 35, Parker and his friend Lila did some sledding.
Inside the house it feels like Spring, the sun is warm


On Saturday we “won” again
I wish we would lose more often


Mail delivery is challenging


Great day for snowshoes


Long Shadows


Ocean of snow


Parker queues for a snow run



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