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Happy Caturday,

Does your cat seemed bored? Call Confuse-A-Cat.

Cat by John Poltrack on



Quarry Path

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I had an opportunity to explore the Fletcher Quarry in Mason New Hampshire. It was in operation from the late 1800s to 1929. I’m guessing this path was used to transport the granite from the quarry to the railroad line. Currently it is a wonderful conservation area, just off of the Mason rail trail.

Quarry Path by John Poltrack on
Tree lined path through the woods


Quarry Path by John Poltrack on
Weathered Stones


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Good Morning,

The freezing rain this morning will not dampen my Easter mood. I love this holiday, a celebration of rebirth, a time to be with family and friends. I was looking for some photos of Hyacinths, a flower I associate with Easter but visually the flower is not that interesting to me. My memories are triggered by its delightful scent, not its appearance.

I’m including a “photo” that I made without using a camera, something that anyone with a flatbed scanner can try. The name for this technique is scanography.

The orchid photos were taken at Mason Hollow Nursery in Mason, NH. I’ll update this posting when I learn of the variety (if you know, leave me a comment)

Amaryllis by John Poltrack on
Three Amaryllis Blossoms on a HP Scanner


Orchidaceae by John Poltrack on
Orchid at Mason Hollow Nursery


Orchidaceae by John Poltrack on
Orchid at Mason Hollow Nursery


Bug Eaters

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During the winter months I make a practice of visiting greenhouses for what passes as my tropical vacation. These photos were taken at the greenhouse at  Mason Hollow Nursery in Mason, NH. The nursery specializes in  Hosta plants and other select perennials and will open for the season on May 7th. I was visiting  co-owner Chuck Anderson who has an interesting collections of orchids and carnivorous in the greenhouse at the nursery.

Watch Your Step by John Poltrack on
Sundews catch bugs in the sticky droplets and push them toward the plant where they are digested.


Pitcher Plant by John Poltrack on
Pitcher plants catch insects with traps that contain digestive juices. The inside of the traps have tiiny downward facing hairs that prevent the insect from crawling out.



Is the sap running yet?

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Good Morning, we have a bit of snow today which seems almost quaint after the mild winter we have been having.

I picked up a half gallon of maple syrup from Somero Maple Farm here in New Ipswich. It is quiet in the evaporator room, but soon they will be in full operation. The conditions have to be just right for the sap to start flowing. The temperature has to be above freezing during the day and below freezing at night. Just a few more weeks to go.

Sap Collection by John Poltrack on
I gave this a try in February of 2010. A fun project.


End of the Season by John Poltrack on
By April the sap gathering stops and all the equipment is cleaned and stored for next year