Ridgewing Guitar Talk

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Tim White, a local luthier and inventor spoke about his portable guitar design at the Whipple Free Libary in New Boston, NH.

The idea of a different design came to him when he received a guitar which someone had stepped on. He replaced the front with a grill inspired by the shape of a dragonfly wing. A mylar balloon was inflated behind the grill and remarkably it sounded like a guitar instead of a balloon in a box (he demonstrated for us).

He taught himself CAD-CAM and finally came up with a modular design that will fit into a carry-on size bag and yet opens to a full size instrument.

Chrysalis Guitar (Ridgewing) by John Poltrack on 500px.com
Original Chrysalis Guitar, it was later renamed to Ridgewing

Tim introduced the talk with this video featuring Harvey Reid playing the guitar.

My video of Tim demonstrating putting “underwear” on the guitar.

He ended the evening but demonstrating the latest edition to the design, a built in light show.

The guitar is not in production yet but Tim is hoping to produce a version for the military that soldiers can use in combat zones. He even has a camoflaged bag to hold it.

Find more on the Ridgewing Facebook Page or Ridgewing Guitar Website.



Secret Circus

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On Independence Day in 2013 I attended the New Boston, NH parade which marked the town’s 250th anniversary. Later I went to the Hillsborough County Fairground to have lunch, see the antique cars, the Molly Stark cannon, mud volleyball and other small town activities.

The town had booked an act called Secret Circus  who put on quite an entertaining show. Maya and Brent McCoy juggle, tell jokes, interact with the audience and as a grand finale, Maya fires a toilet plunger “arrow” at a target held by her husband who is atop a unicycle.

Visit their website to see examples of their clowning.


Boy holds paella pan which doubles as a target for a toilet plunger
The Archer by John Poltrack on 500px.com
The Archer


The Archer by John Poltrack on 500px.com
Surveying the target

Throwback Thursday – Lillian’s China Cabinet

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In October of 2010 my sister and I traveled down to New Canaan, CT to pick up a china cabinet that my cousin was donating to the New Boston Historical Society. After my Aunt Lillian had died her daughter was emptying the home that her parents had lived in for over 60 years. I was nostalgic about the place because I had spent many weekend sleep overs with my cousin Bob.  It didn’t seem right to see it empty.

Janis home in 1944
Janis home in 1944 located at 1 Leslie Lane, New Canaan, CT.
Leslie Lane
The early years with my Aunt Lillian and Uncle Ed. The baby in this photo is my cousin Bob and the photo was taken in 1948.
Lisa Cynthia
October, 2, 2010 – My cousin Lisa (with flashlight) and Cynthia packing up the house with stuff, lots and lots of stuff.
Old wood has a distinctive odor and color. This was the garage that once housed a Chevrolet Corvair with the vanity plate EJCO
Living Room
Empty living room. The nook under the windows was the dining table and location of the annual Christmas tree.
The attic was the location of piles of old Superman comics which I would read whenever I came for an overnight.
China cabinet, odds and ends and an industrial size trash can. Packed and ready to return to New Hampshire.
China Cabinet
Lillian’s china cabinet in place at the New Boston Historical Society.

New Boston Rail Trail

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On a beautiful October Sunday afternoon, I joined my sister and Connecticut friends on a leisurely stroll along the New Boston Rail Trail. The trail  is 4.5 mile long and is located on the former bed of the Boston and Maine Railroad. The trail runs along the Piscataquog River and offers opportunities for fishermen.

The railroad would transport milk to three hotels in Boston owned by J. R. Whipple of New Boston. The train would return with food scraps for animals. The trail is undergoing a three year renovation project by the NB RailTrail Committee and the portion we hiked was in excellent condition.

New Boston Rail Trail
Rail Trail Sign
New Boston Rail Trail
Susan Carr, John and Jan Dembosky were my hiking buddies
New Boston Rail Trail
A more serious photo of John, Susan and Jan
Beaver carving
Beaver evidence, do you see grumpy cat?
New Boston Rail Trail
Rail trails are level and easy to walk
New Boston Rail Trail
Foliage hasn’t changed yet. Quiet and peaceful place to walk.
Nature prevails, it won’t be deterred by stone.
Lang Station
Lang Station is the place where farmers would leave their milk for the Boston hotels.

Lang Station Historic Lang Station (image hosted on the NB RailTrail webpage

Autumn is Fungi month and I saw this on the trail


4th of July Celebration at the New Boston Fairgrounds

New Boston celebrates Independence Day with a parade and a number of events held at the Hillsborough County 4H Fairgrounds in New Boston, NH.

At noon the Molly Stark Cannon is fired much to the delight of the crowd

Molly Stark CannonChicken BBQ always a treatChicken BBQ
And some ice cream for dessert churned by a gasoline engine from 1858

Patrick O’Brien with some miniature horses
Miniature HorsesI had to leave before the mud volleyball match which is very entertaining. They provide an outdoor spigot and hose for the participants.Fourth of July Celebration in New Boston
Mary Poppins marched in the parade,  I met Sister Suffragette at the fairgrounds

“We’re clearly soldiers in petticoatsDauntless crusaders for women’s votes!”

Votes for WomenNothing runs like a DeereJohn Deere
Classic Cars
The ClassicsEngines were simpler back thenEdelbrock

Fourth of July Celebration in New BostonMusic provided  by the Cider Press Band Cider Press Band

Cider Press BandCider Press Band

4th of July Parade in New Boston – 2015

Happy Birthday America!

Uncle Sam greets the onlookers at the New Boston, NH annual 4th of July Parade
Uncle Sam
86 New Boston men volunteered to serve in the American Civil War (1861-1865). 29 died in service. Learn more on the New Boston Historical Society webpage.
New Boston Fourth of July parade
The newest town citizen participated in his first parade. The oldest citizen was also in the parade
Arthur E. Welch IV
The terminus of the parade is the Hillsborough 4H Fairgrounds.
Hillsborough 4H
The “Constitution” pumper
The Constitution Pumper
Best view of the parade is on mom’s shoulders
Bird's eye view
What is more Americana than a parade with tractors?
Tractors on Parade
Doing backflips for the crowd
Back Flip
Eat candy and get sprayed from a float
Nemo Float
Never forget
67 Nam

The Meadow Brook Beaver Dam – An Update

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The Meadow Brook Dam project is well underway in New Boston. The tireless team of beavers have constructed a very nice lodge and have managed to build quite an impressive dam. Latest photos below.

Rising waters

These creatures have impressive dental work

Some of the other trees are wrapped in chicken wire, these were not that lucky

This photo does not indicate how long this dam really is, these creatures have been very busy.

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Busy Beavers in New Boston

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My sister alerted me to some serious beaver activity on Meadow Road in New Boston. It was impressive to see. These creatures can alter the environment to suit their needs.

Two trees ready to go

Can you fnd the man in the tree?

Almost a pencil

Strong teeth

Beaver Lodge (center of frame)

Note: These are not small trees

Stripped bark

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General John Stark talk at the Apotheca in Goffstown, NH

Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils.

How can you not like our state motto?
Attributed to a toast made by General John Stark on July 31st, 1809
On Sunday we celebrated my Mom’s birthday by attending a talk at Apotheca  in Goffstown, NH
It was fitting that Rodney Stark (who is related to John Stark) gave the talk. He shared books with the audience describing both John and Molly Stark.
Rodney was assisted by Sandy Whipple, Adult Services and Outreach at the Goffstown Public Library. Sandy had prepared some cookies and other foods that would have been served at tea in the Revolutionary times.
Sandy Whipple and Rodney Stark
Just in time for high tea
Texting General Washington
Helpful assistant delivered more cookies during the talk
General Stark
General Stark
Betty Poltrack and Rodney Stark
My mom is a member of the New Boston Historical Society which currently has the Molly Stark cannon on display in New Boston
Illustration from one of Rodney’s books showing John Stark running the gauntlet when he was captured by Native Americans. Apparently he managed to impress them with his fighting skills and gain their respect.

Not so deep in the catalog – March Madness 2008

2185 days ago in New Boston, NH

I am approaching the mid point of this decade of digital photos. 2008 gave us some very interesting weather, starting with a prodigious amount of snow in March and ending with one of the worse ice storms ever. Here are some photos taken in New Boston on March 2, 2008.

A winter’s view


Running out of room to move it

The tunnel to the garage

These shots were taken at my mother’s house in New Boston on March 3, 2008

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