Gates and Windows

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When I was stationed at Moffett Field NAS in California I had the opportunity to catch training flights to various locations. It was a pretty good deal.  I was an Avionics technician and my job was to fix anything that was broken. I was in an  anti-submarine squadron and they flew Lockheed P-3 Orion aircaft, a turboprop with 4 engines and a “donkey dick” magnetic anomaly detector portruding from the rear.

These planes were based on the Lockheed L-188 Electra commerical airliner but without very many seats. On some of these flights I would attempt to sleep on the heated floor beneath the radar consoles.

I’m not sure where this photo was taken, it might have been Spain, Puerto Rico or Panama. I foolishly didn’t catalog my photos. I took this photo with my trusty Nikkormat SLR which accompanied me for most of my service time.

Windows and Gate by John Poltrack on
Shuttered Windows


Barn on Witt Road

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Good morning, just 2 short months till spring.

I’ve dug into the archives for todays photo theme “barn spotting”.  These photos were taken at a photo shoot with the New Ipswich photo club in December of 2013. The interior shots were challenging because it was quite dark.  The barn was old and weathered, emblematic of what I love about New England.

Barn on Witt Road by John Poltrack on
Barn in Jaffrey, NH


Barn on Witt Road by John Poltrack on
Watch your head


Caught in the web by John Poltrack on
Caught in the web


Window Wednesday : Kimball Castle

Head Back to the Future at

We have arrived into the future, a few things have changed but still no flying cars.

A few windows with a bit of a Halloween Mood for today.

Kimball Castle

Kimball Castle in Gilford, NH. When I took this photo in October of 2013, it was pretty decrepit. However I understand there are plans to renovate it.

Kimball Castle

One of the windows at the Castle (which is haunted). The castle was built in Europe and dismantled and reassembled in New Hampshire.

Abandoned in Fremont

Abandoned building in Fremont, NH. Another foreboding window. Someday a face may appear in one of these openings.

Window Wednesday Theme : Hong Kong Shuttle

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Good morning,

I dipped into the archives for today’s #WindowWednesday photo theme. I was stationed aboard the USS Bon Homme Richard aircraft carrier during the Vietnam War. One of our ports of call was Hong Kong in 1970. We anchored in Victoria Harbour and rode this water shuttle when we went on liberty.

Hong Kong Shuttle

Hong Kong has a highly developed public transportation system, so getting around was not an issue. Riding the Star Ferries is something any visitor should experience as a way from getting back and forth to Kowloon and Hong Kong.

Caught in the web

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The Photo club meets on the second Wednesday of the month at the New Ipswich Library. It’s a fun group, we share photo ideas and plan a theme or outing for the month. This photo was taken at my first outing in December of 2013 at an old barn in Jaffrey, NH. It was a cold and dark place which presented several challenges and learning experiences. You can learn more about the photo club by emailing us.Photograph Caught in the web by John Poltrack on 500px

Currently the Club has a photo display at the Peterborough Camera Shop which will run till the end of May (2015). The theme chosen for the photos is Silhouettes. Stop in a take a look at our work.

Wednesday Photo Themes (Happy New Year Edition)

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Happy New Year folks! This is the last post of 2014. Thanks for spending your time here. I expect to be doing more of the same in 2015 with photos and news of life here in the Monadnock Region.
Take care, be happy and have wonderful 2015
One for #WebbyWednesday


Along the swamp trail at Cedar Swamp

Best Christmas decoration ever

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Wednesday Photo Themes

7 days till Christmas

I was trying to remember where I was when I took this photo. I’m going to guess Singapore in 1971.
I had the opportunity to walk around the older parts of town

Another scanned slide from 1970
Walking along a ridge line in California, watching the clouds break as they flowed over the top
I think those are California poppies just right of the path. The official state flower.

Barn interior in Jaffrey, NH
This was the location of a photo field trip last December. It was a lot colder and darker than this photo indicates.

Another scanned slide for the theme #ThreeThings

Up close with a Globe Thistle
Our Photo Club has chosen Abstracts as our next assignment

Kinder-Morgan is planning on building a natural gas pipeline which will be located through my town
Where does all that gas come from?

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Wednesday Photo Themes

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Thanksgiving tomorrow, safe travels everyone
Nor’easter coming!

Wet September in Hancock, NH
My nephew’s wedding venue

What a Web

Shoeshine and Sunshine

Impressive beaver work
These guys have impressive dental equipment

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Wednesday Photo Themes

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8 days till Thanksgiving

Inspecting the new bridge in Smithville (waterfall ahead)

One of my favorite “window” shots, apologies if I have posted this before

Rusted farm equipment in Jaffrey. Are these used for haying? If you know leave a comment.

Expect the unexpected in New Ipswich
Time travel no less

Snow fence, fencing snow

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