Caught in the web

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The Photo club meets on the second Wednesday of the month at the New Ipswich Library. It’s a fun group, we share photo ideas and plan a theme or outing for the month. This photo was taken at my first outing in December of 2013 at an old barn in Jaffrey, NH. It was a cold and dark place which presented several challenges and learning experiences. You can learn more about the photo club by emailing us.Photograph Caught in the web by John Poltrack on 500px

Currently the Club has a photo display at the Peterborough Camera Shop which will run till the end of May (2015). The theme chosen for the photos is Silhouettes. Stop in a take a look at our work.


Bridge Repair Update- May 25, 2015

Some serious excavation on either side bank of the Souhegan.
Bridge Repair
Concrete forms and new drainage on the Northern bank of the bridge.
Bridge Repair
It will be interesting to see how large the span will be when they complete the project.
Bridge Repair
I can only assume that similar work is being performed on the Southern Bank. I’ll check that out for my next update.
Bridge Repair
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Wapack and Nutting Trail

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In 1923 Frank Robbins and Marion Buck (Davis) established a 21 mile trail from Mount Watatic in Ashburnham, MA to North Pack in Greenfield, NH. There are several side trails off the Wapack. I hiked this path through the ferns in July of 2010.

I walked this trail through the ferns in July of 2010, a very peaceful place.

Nutting Trail

Wapack Trail Signs

Highbridge Reconstruction Project – Update May 12, 2015

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Bridge Out
Some real progress has been made on the bridge work here in New Ipswich. Besides all the iron work they have plugged up the old water pipe (left) which used to carry water from Bank Village. Probably a good idea before someone crawled into it.

Bridge Out
A serious pile driver. Imagine hearing that all day. I suppose it would shake the china off the shelves in the nearby home.
Bridge Out
This shovel is parked right along the edge of a dirt bank, 42 feet above the Souhegan river. Please be careful.
Bridge Out
Nice view for these folks. Only consolation is that the banks won’t be eroding for some time.
Bridge Out