Bridge Repair Update – Spanning the Souhegan River

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This was an eventful week for the ongoing Highbridge bridge repair.Large steel beams arrived, including 4 that measured 125 feet in length. They fastened in place and now we have an idea how the bridge will look when it is completed.

Two cranes, one for the “short” beams and one for the 125 footers
bridge repair
The first beam is moved into place
Bridge Repair
Next in line
bridge repair
I wonder where I left my sunglasses?
Bridge Repair
Beams in place. The new bridge is a lot wider and it will be possible to get a great view of the Souhegan 42 foot below.

Highbridge Repair Update – August 2, 2015

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Looks like things are progressing nicely with the bridge project across the Souhegan.

gravel surface
A nice bed of gravel has been laid across the bridge surface. It will be interesting to see what is next.
Bridge buttresses
The forms have been taken off the buttresses on the Northern side of the river.
With some of the brush and trees removed it is great to see what this bridge looked like when it was built.
Highbridge repair
Cement forms on the Southern side
Steel Bolts
Some serious hardware for the bridge

Highbridge Reconstruction Project – Update May 12, 2015

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Bridge Out
Some real progress has been made on the bridge work here in New Ipswich. Besides all the iron work they have plugged up the old water pipe (left) which used to carry water from Bank Village. Probably a good idea before someone crawled into it.

Bridge Out
A serious pile driver. Imagine hearing that all day. I suppose it would shake the china off the shelves in the nearby home.
Bridge Out
This shovel is parked right along the edge of a dirt bank, 42 feet above the Souhegan river. Please be careful.
Bridge Out
Nice view for these folks. Only consolation is that the banks won’t be eroding for some time.
Bridge Out