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The Drepung Gomang monks created a peace mandala which was dismantled with a closing ceremony held at Mariposa Museum in Peterbrough, NH. The colored sands were swept up to symbolize the impermanence of all that exists. A portion of the sand was given to the guests and the remainder carried in a procession by the monks to the conjunction of the Contoocook and Nubanusit River, where it was ceremonially poured to disperse the healing energies of the mandala throughout the world.

Peace Mandala by John Poltrack on
Completed Peace Mandala


Peace Mandala by John Poltrack on


Peace Mandala by John Poltrack on


Peace Mandala by John Poltrack on


Ceremony at the Nubanusit River by John Poltrack on
Depot Square Park where the Nubansit and Contoocook Rivers meet


Ceremony at the Nubanusit River by John Poltrack on
Blessing for the world





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Emerging Tulips by John Poltrack on
Garden bed at All Saints Episcopal Church in Peterborough, NH

I was pleased to see this bed of tulips looked so healthy. It is not the case in my garden. After a mild winter, my daffodils and daylilies sprouted a bit early. Around Easter the daffodils had well developed flower buds, just on the verge of opening.Then we got an unseasonably cold evening in the low teens. The plants went limp, not dead but hurting. Even the daylilies which are as strong as iron show signs of yellowing.

I’m not sure if any damage was inflicted on my Star Magnolia flower buds, but hopefully not. There is just no way to depend on New England weather.


Peterboro Diner

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The proposed date for the New Hampshire Presidential Primary is February 9, 2016. One of the most popular photo-ops for many candidates (Obama and Rudy Giliani stopped in 2007) is the Peterboro Diner in Peterborough, NH.

In 2016, Rand Paul and Rick Perry made an appearance. I’m sure others were here or will be.

Peterborough Diner by John Poltrack on


Making a Labyrinth

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Happy 2016 everyone . I spent New Years Eve with friends with food and music. On New Years Eve I took the opportunity to see how the Labyrinth was constructed on the floor of the Peterborough Town House. It takes at least 12 people 4 hours to create the pattern in black vinyl tape

Volunteer lays out tape to create the pattern of the Chartres Laybrinth on the floor of the Peterboroguh Town House
Pattern is 40 feet in diameter
Slight adjustment


Putnam Park

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I traveled to see Candidate Lindsey Graham at a town meeting in Peterborough on a Saturday in October. I’m not a supporter but I never miss the chance to “meet the candidates” in an election year. I assumed the meeting was to be held in the town hall, but the doors were locked. The actual event was held in the Library. Apparently a sitting senator can not draw the crowd that a Reality Show buffoon can.

Not wanting to waste the trip I walked around and took some photos. This one seems to fit one of teh G+  photo themes #WayWednesday.

Putnam Park in Peterborough, NH – Oct, 24, 2015

 Putnam Park by John Poltrack on



New Years Day 2015 (How did you spend the first day of the year?)

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New Years Day in Peterborough, NH

This is my fourth year of walking the Labyrinth that is constructed on the floor of the Town House in Peterborough
I suppose it has become a tradition with me

My path is the self reflective one, contemplating the year past and thinking about the year to come
It is a great way to start off the year

Is this grammatically correct?

Peterborough Town House, a fish-eye view
Photography is only allowed from the balcony

The perfect end of the first day of 2015
Playing music with friends and the locals

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New Ipswich Artists League – Oct 3 – Nov 1, 2014

New Ipswich Artist League at the Sharon Arts Center from Oct 3 – Nov 1, 2014

Artists in the show include Steve Brosque, Roland Coates, Carol Culhane, Deb Johnson, 

Danielle Le Bris, Karen Miller, Matt Patterson, Francie Riggs, Regina Stirnweis, Shannon Stirnweis, and Susan Williams.

Birds of a Feather – Artist Mickey Katz

Artist Regina Stirnweis – center

Artist Francie Riggs – right

Artist Susan Williams – center

Artists Matt Patterson and Shannon Stirnweis

Colored Pencil – Roland Coates

Encaustic paintings – Danielle Le Bris

Snappers – Matt Patterson
Matt is working on a book which will feature illustrations of reptiles, previously he did the illustrations for this book, co-authored with his father.

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Deep in the catalog – Obama in Peterborough – September 26, 2007

2335 days ago – Obama campaign visit

Obama delivers his “Fired up and ready to go” stump speech
On a very warm September day on a Peterborough Farm


It wouldn’t be a campaign event without music
Folksoul Band

The crowd

Fighting for a view

Spot the Secret Service guy

Local Press
Can you guess who security is?

Deep in the catalog – John Edwards

2363 days ago – August 23, 2007

John Edwards campaigning at Depot Park in Peterborough, NH

Stump speech about “Two Americas”

Elizabeth Edwards died in December 7, 2010
In late 2007 allegations were made that John Edwards had an extra-marital affair with Rielle Hunter  a filmmaker hired for the campaign.

A year after this photo Edwards admitted the affair to ABC correspondent Bob Woodruff

Upside down

Fox News covered this 
Every candidate has a bus

Deep in the catalog – August 18, 2007

2367 days ago in Peterborough, NH

Here’s Rudy! Showing up at the Peterborough Diner in Peterborough, NH in August 2007

All the candidates I’ve seen have the bus with the exception of Gary Johnson who arrived on a bicycle

However we said YES to war