Temple DES Meeting

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The Temple Select Board and Ad-Hoc Advisory Committee sponsored a presentation by New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES) at the Temple Town Hall on Nov 02, 2015.

The DES explained their permit process and answered questions from the public.

John Kieley John Kieley of the Temple Ad-Hoc Committee

Dennis Gauvin
Dennis Gauvin of New Ipswich presented a case study of the health effects caused by a 12,000 hp compressor station in Minisink, NY.  The proposed station for New Ipswich , NH is 40,000 hp ( 20-30 Megawatts).

slide show Slide presentation of health effects of a compressor station based upon studies done at Minisink, NY. This compressor station is only 1/4 the size of the one planned for New Ipswich.

slides Jun 2015 Harvard study

slideshow Volatile Organic Compounds and more

DES Members of the Department of Environmental Services explained the permitting process.DES meeting Attentive audience

DES meeting Taking notesDES meeting Jim Coffey of New Ipswich asks a questionDES meeting Full houseWendy Wendy Juchnevics-Freeman who is on the New Ipswich Pipeline Advisory Committee. She asked the NH DES some pointed questions about emissions and blow-downs from compressor stations. The man standing behind her in a maroon striped shirt and glasses is a reporter from NHPR, Sam Evans-Brown. Temple Town Hall

Pipeline Protesters at the Milford Labor Day Parade

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A large contingent of concerned citizens took to the streets on Labor Day to protest the construction of a  proposed pipeline that will be located through 20 Southern New Hampshire towns including Milford. Extensive information about this project can be found on the website NHPipelineAwareness.org.

Milford Labor Day Parade
Kidz of Pipeline Resistance
Pipeline protests
New Ipswich marchers
Labor Day Parade Marchers
Pipeline Protesters
Pipeline Protesters
If the FERC has determined that there is a public need for the pipeline, they will grant the pipeline company a “certificate of public convenience and necessity” authorizing the construction and operation of the pipeline. This would include the taking of land by eminent domain.
Pipeline protesters
The general project description as recent as TGP/KM‘s Resource Report 1, July 2015 suggests the proposed project would involve the construction of 418 miles of pipeline. 
Pipeline protesters at Labor Day Parade
Float depicting some of the affected towns.

NH Spirit Pipeline Resistance BBQ and Motorcycle Rally

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Want to learn more about the Northeast Direct Pipeline being proposed by the Multi-National Corporation Kinder-Morgan?

Check out these resources:

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Motorcycle rally for NED Protest
The Rally was held at Winter’s Summer Home Farm in New Ipswich, NH
The chickens had some concern about the menu, but it was a hamburger and hot dog affair.
An example of recycling
Resistance Rider
State Representative Eric Eastham (Nashua) rode in with his friend for the Rally.
This event offered the opportunity to meet folks that will be directly affected if the pipeline goes in.
It wouldn’t be an event without a cake.
The food was delicious with fresh vegetables right from the farm.
Time for dessert.
Lining up.
Looking just a bit sneaky.
Mason Selectman Charlie Moser spoke first, reminding folks that we are the people, we need to stick together.
State Representative Eric Eastman (R) – District 28 reminded the crowd of the resources of an entity such as Kinder-Morgan who has deep pockets and lawyers.
Elaine donated an embroidered jacket for auction to raise funds for the resistance. Bead work by Sioux Indians.
Jim Cutler a solar consultant finds himself fighting this pipeline after successfully fighting the first foray through his community. The pipeline was diverted through Southern NH after stiff opposition from Massachusetts towns and local governments.
Farmer Mark Mansfield and Activist Sam Matthews

Living in the Path of the Pipeline (Wapack Trail)

“Our state’s beautiful natural environment – from our Seacoast, lakes and rivers to our forests and our mountains – is an important part of why we all love and live in New Hampshire,” Former Governor John Lynch

I took a nice walk with a few of the members of the New Ipswich Photo Club to see some of the areas that will be impacted if the proposed Kinder Morgan natural gas pipeline is approved by FERC in Autumn of 2015. These photos were taken on a small portion of the Wapack Trail that runs through Windblown Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing in New Ipswich, NH.

Small Pond on the Wapack Trail
This small pond will be excavated for the pipeline construction. The pond  is located under the power lines through the trail. The pipeline is planned to be run in parallel with transmissions lines whenever possible ,  a practice called collocation. However this presents certain problems due to induced currents from Alternating Current. A buffer zone is required  between the lines and the pipe. At that location the pipeline will cross under the lines.
Restful Spot
Not far from the small pond is a larger pond with a wonderful view of Barrett Mountain. We tried to get a photo of the beaver swimming across but he eluded us.
Drosera rotundfolia
I noticed some sundew plants alone the shoreline in the spagnum moss
Lady's Slipper
Lady slippers are a common sight in June in the forest
Many of the homeowners in the path have posted their land. In some instances the surveyors have ignored these.

Kinder Morgan has launched a $70,000 WMUR advertising campaign promoting the pipeline. I noted that the comment section has been disabled on this YouTube video. Guess they don’t want any feedback.

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