Pipeline Protesters at the Milford Labor Day Parade

Pipeline Protest

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A large contingent of concerned citizens took to the streets on Labor Day to protest the construction of a  proposed pipeline that will be located through 20 Southern New Hampshire towns including Milford. Extensive information about this project can be found on the website NHPipelineAwareness.org.

Milford Labor Day Parade
Kidz of Pipeline Resistance
Pipeline protests
New Ipswich marchers
Labor Day Parade Marchers
Pipeline Protesters
Pipeline Protesters
If the FERC has determined that there is a public need for the pipeline, they will grant the pipeline company a “certificate of public convenience and necessity” authorizing the construction and operation of the pipeline. This would include the taking of land by eminent domain.
Pipeline protesters
The general project description as recent as TGP/KM‘s Resource Report 1, July 2015 suggests the proposed project would involve the construction of 418 miles of pipeline. 
Pipeline protesters at Labor Day Parade
Float depicting some of the affected towns.

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