NH Spirit Pipeline Resistance BBQ and Motorcycle Rally

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Want to learn more about the Northeast Direct Pipeline being proposed by the Multi-National Corporation Kinder-Morgan?

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Motorcycle rally for NED Protest
The Rally was held at Winter’s Summer Home Farm in New Ipswich, NH
The chickens had some concern about the menu, but it was a hamburger and hot dog affair.
An example of recycling
Resistance Rider
State Representative Eric Eastham (Nashua) rode in with his friend for the Rally.
This event offered the opportunity to meet folks that will be directly affected if the pipeline goes in.
It wouldn’t be an event without a cake.
The food was delicious with fresh vegetables right from the farm.
Time for dessert.
Lining up.
Looking just a bit sneaky.
Mason Selectman Charlie Moser spoke first, reminding folks that we are the people, we need to stick together.
State Representative Eric Eastman (R) – District 28 reminded the crowd of the resources of an entity such as Kinder-Morgan who has deep pockets and lawyers.
Elaine donated an embroidered jacket for auction to raise funds for the resistance. Bead work by Sioux Indians.
Jim Cutler a solar consultant finds himself fighting this pipeline after successfully fighting the first foray through his community. The pipeline was diverted through Southern NH after stiff opposition from Massachusetts towns and local governments.
Farmer Mark Mansfield and Activist Sam Matthews

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