Along the Ridge

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When I was in the Navy, I didn’t own a car until the last year of my 4 year stint. I was dependent on buses and friends for transportation.  I had friends in California who gave me a ride for a day in the mountains outside of San Diego. I cannot remember the exact location but the landscapes were stunning.

I was intrigued watching the clouds pour over the ridge line and vaporize when they hit the warmer air. This is one of the few photos I have of the day.

Along the Ridge by John Poltrack on
Along the Ridge




Sacred Heart of Jesus

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Good morning, I’ve reached back in the archives a bit for this photo of Sacred Heart Church in Greenville, NH.  I have been inside this church many times but never noticed the statue until I took this photo in HDR. I find that photography makes me pay closer attention to details.

Sacred Heart Church by John Poltrack on


The Sky was on Fire

Severe weather was predicted all day, however we were spared any damaging wind and hail. Instead we were given a spectacular light show around dusk here in New Ipswich. It was hard to capture the colors as I saw them. The leaves and sky were on fire.

Jaffrey Hilltop

I’m always on the lookout for a lone tree that I can photograph against the sky. When I do find one, I often return and take subsequent photos as the seasons change.  I especially like this tree which is located at Silver Ranch in Jaffrey, NH. Usually the pasture is full of horses.