Spatterdock Pond

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Good morning,

Last weekend I took a short walk around the wildlife pond at Beaver Brook Association in Hollis, NH. I parked at the area right off of Route 130. The trails are well marked and I opted to take the wildlife trail. A few folks were fishing and lots of people were taking advantage of the nice weather. I plan to measure the distance on my next visit and will update this posting to reflect that.

It is a bit early for the spring flowers such as trillium to emerge, but noticed these lily pads with a purple hue. I saw a log that was covered with resting painted turtles but I didn’t have a telephoto to capture the shot. It is a great place and I plan to visit again.

Beaver Brook Pond Hike by John Poltrack on
Spatterdock Pond, note the purplish lily pads and one of the beaver lodges




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Good morning,

I was browsing through some photos the other day when I came across a few from 2014 taken when I visited Susan Durville in New Ipswich to see her baby goats. These little guys were so much fun to watch as they bounced around fighting for the milk. Her goats were as interested in me as I was in them, what fun.

Feeding baby goats by John Poltrack on
You can guess by my expression how much I enjoyed this opportunity to feed these cute little guys


The Spokesman by John Poltrack on
Billy, the spokesman had a few words to say


Goats by John Poltrack on
Giving me the eye


Antler by John Poltrack on


What time is it? by John Poltrack on
What time is it?


Down on the Farm by John Poltrack on
I would be remiss as a photographer if I didn’t click a shot of a weathered barn


Rustic Bridge

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I spent a nice day at Beaver Brook Association in Hollis, NH. This bridge spanned one of the ponds.

Beaver Brook is an environmental center with 2100 acres of conservation land, 30 miles of mapped trails which are open free to the public 365 days per year dawn to dusk. Hiking, snowshoeing, mountain biking, horseback riding, dogs on a leash are allowed on designated trails. Educational programs are offered year round for all ages. Our naturalists visit schools, libraries and other groups. –  Information on Facebook  Page

Rustic Bridge by John Poltrack on



Topsfield Arboretum

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The Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Topsfield and Wenham Massachusetts.  The Rockery Trail belonged to an arboretum donated by the owner Thomas Emerson Proctor. The Sanctuary is currently managed by the Massachusetts Audubon Society who removed some of the non-native species of trees, However along the Rockery Trail I noticed some unusual trees and shrubs which managed to survive.

Thomas Emerson Proctor wrote a 430 page book titled Topsfield Arboretum Catalog of Trees and Shrubs  which unfortunately is no longer in print, so  it may proved to be challenging to identify some of these specimens.

January is probably not the best time for tree identification, so a return visit is planned for the warmer months.

Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary by John Poltrack on
This tree resembles an Eastern Cedar but it much larger other varieties which I’ve seen.



Storm Damage by John Poltrack on
This tree is not native to the area. I saw some odd seedpods and large dead leaves.



Sacred Heart of Jesus

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Good morning, I’ve reached back in the archives a bit for this photo of Sacred Heart Church in Greenville, NH.  I have been inside this church many times but never noticed the statue until I took this photo in HDR. I find that photography makes me pay closer attention to details.

Sacred Heart Church by John Poltrack on


Peterboro Diner

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The proposed date for the New Hampshire Presidential Primary is February 9, 2016. One of the most popular photo-ops for many candidates (Obama and Rudy Giliani stopped in 2007) is the Peterboro Diner in Peterborough, NH.

In 2016, Rand Paul and Rick Perry made an appearance. I’m sure others were here or will be.

Peterborough Diner by John Poltrack on