Is the sap running yet?

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Good Morning, we have a bit of snow today which seems almost quaint after the mild winter we have been having.

I picked up a half gallon of maple syrup from Somero Maple Farm here in New Ipswich. It is quiet in the evaporator room, but soon they will be in full operation. The conditions have to be just right for the sap to start flowing. The temperature has to be above freezing during the day and below freezing at night. Just a few more weeks to go.

Sap Collection by John Poltrack on
I gave this a try in February of 2010. A fun project.


End of the Season by John Poltrack on
By April the sap gathering stops and all the equipment is cleaned and stored for next year



Breakfast at the Paramount

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Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. I was visiting my daughter and she took me to the Paramount Restaurant in South Boston. The food was great, a grilled chorizo Omelette.

I got a chuckle out of their seating policy too.

Grilled Chorizo Omelette
Grilled Chorizo Omelette
Seating Policy
Seating Policy

I often take photos of food and realized that if I could sell at least one, it might set me up for a life of leisure.

Eat it raw

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When I was a kid I probably have been happy eating hot dogs, hamburgers and french fries every day. I never imagined that I would actually enjoy anything that was exotic as a raw oyster. Thankfully that all changed.

I was introduced to other sushi dishes by my friends who would host “make your own sushi” dinners. My attempts at California rolls were pathetic, never got the rolling part down.

bon appétit

Oysters by John Poltrack on
Oysters on New Years Eve


Sushi by John Poltrack on
Salmon Eggs


Sushi by John Poltrack on
Salmon, Tuna, Eel


Seaweed Salad by John Poltrack on
Seaweed salad


A Visit to Whole Foods Market

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Good morning, did you have your breakfast yet? Today’s photo theme is #FoodFriday.  Food is a great subject for photography, besides sustaining our life it has  wonderful colors, texture and shapes. I usually have my camera with me when I’m at a restaurant or market knowing that the food will be presented in a visually appealing way.

These photos were taken at a Whole Foods Market in Boston while shopping with my daughter.


Pickled Peppers

Greek Olives
Greek Olives and Feta cheese
A perfect mix, tomatoes, basil and mozarella
Whole Earth Foods
Not sure if this is sweet or pickled
red vegetable
Sweet or Pickled? I don’t know
Quite a selection of cheeses
Stuffed dates “Made right here”
Wheat Grass
Some folks claim this is all you have to eat to survive. A while back I went to a health fair and the woman promoting didn’t look very healthy. All things in moderation.
No thank you, watercress and 13 other greens  are much more nutritious (and taste better)

Fish for #FoodFriday

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My sister was fortunate enough to be able to retire after decades of teaching in June of 2014. We celebrated the event at Molly’s Tavern and Restaurant in New Boston, NH. Highly recommended!

This photo seems like an appropriate choice for #FoodFriday, baked haddock, sweet potato fries and green beans.

Sushi Friday

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This is a treat. On a regular basis our friends arrange a Sushi dinner for guests. They assemble some wonderful selection of Sushi. In this photo from left to right, California Roll, Tuna, Salmon and Smoked Eel. Originally this was a “make your own Sushi ” event but my own efforts were pathetic. I’d much rather eat the creations of my more talented friends.

Usually we have oysters as an appetizers. Life is good. I’ve picked this photo for the photo theme #FoodFriday.

Friday Photo Themes

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Good morning and Happy Friday the 13th. Yikes more snow this weekend and more next week. We’ll have this stuff in August. However there is some good news, an upcoming event that will only happen once in your life. In thirty days it will be the best Pi Day ever. Mark it on your calendar and celebrate on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 (perhaps with some pie?). And now some theme photos.
Gasplant (Dictamnus alba)
This photo was taken in 2004
Sadly this plant died several years ago. It was so much fun to put a match to the seed pods and watch it burst into a citrus smelling ball of flames

Meat market in China 1985

Battered crab
Better looking after cooking

Something for Feet Friday

Colors on Friday

We are definitely having the winter season in New Hampshire

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Friday Photo Themes

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I dug into the archives for this selection for #FoodFriday
Photo taken in 1970 in Japan

There is a fungus among us

NIAA fireworks in 2012 here in New Ipswich

Ashley Marie Ham in Infrared
Ashley agreed to pose for the New Ipswich Photo club outing

Messina was one of the greatest dogs I’ve met
She adored the water and was always jumping in after whatever we would hurl
Wonderfully gentle with the kids

It wouldn’t be Friday without a #FloralFriday shot
This from the Johnson day lily farm here in New Ipswich

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Friday Photo Themes

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My sister would start her day while we on vacation with a big glass of a health drink called Green Vibrance
I would prefer hash browns, eggs, sausage and coffee
My pick for #FoodFriday

China Town in Boston
My wife loves fish heads which are hard to find except in Boston or at a local H Mart

After the show there a number of mortars to reload

Colors on Cliff Pond in Cape Cod

My Friday flower photo with dreadlocks
NHOS show will be on Valentines day in Nashua, NH

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