A Visit to Whole Foods Market

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Good morning, did you have your breakfast yet? Today’s photo theme is #FoodFriday.  Food is a great subject for photography, besides sustaining our life it has  wonderful colors, texture and shapes. I usually have my camera with me when I’m at a restaurant or market knowing that the food will be presented in a visually appealing way.

These photos were taken at a Whole Foods Market in Boston while shopping with my daughter.


Pickled Peppers

Greek Olives
Greek Olives and Feta cheese
A perfect mix, tomatoes, basil and mozarella
Whole Earth Foods
Not sure if this is sweet or pickled
red vegetable
Sweet or Pickled? I don’t know
Quite a selection of cheeses
Stuffed dates “Made right here”
Wheat Grass
Some folks claim this is all you have to eat to survive. A while back I went to a health fair and the woman promoting didn’t look very healthy. All things in moderation.
No thank you, watercress and 13 other greens  are much more nutritious (and taste better)

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