Ridgewing Guitar Talk

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Tim White, a local luthier and inventor spoke about his portable guitar design at the Whipple Free Libary in New Boston, NH.

The idea of a different design came to him when he received a guitar which someone had stepped on. He replaced the front with a grill inspired by the shape of a dragonfly wing. A mylar balloon was inflated behind the grill and remarkably it sounded like a guitar instead of a balloon in a box (he demonstrated for us).

He taught himself CAD-CAM and finally came up with a modular design that will fit into a carry-on size bag and yet opens to a full size instrument.

Chrysalis Guitar (Ridgewing) by John Poltrack on 500px.com
Original Chrysalis Guitar, it was later renamed to Ridgewing

Tim introduced the talk with this video featuring Harvey Reid playing the guitar.

My video of Tim demonstrating putting “underwear” on the guitar.

He ended the evening but demonstrating the latest edition to the design, a built in light show.

The guitar is not in production yet but Tim is hoping to produce a version for the military that soldiers can use in combat zones. He even has a camoflaged bag to hold it.

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People’s Place Music Jam

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Good Morning, warm weather next week.

Last night I played some tunes with the regulars at The People’s Place in Gardner , MA. I uploaded two gospel videos featuring Pam and Heidi.