Temple DES Meeting

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The Temple Select Board and Ad-Hoc Advisory Committee sponsored a presentation by New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES) at the Temple Town Hall on Nov 02, 2015.

The DES explained their permit process and answered questions from the public.

John Kieley John Kieley of the Temple Ad-Hoc Committee

Dennis Gauvin
Dennis Gauvin of New Ipswich presented a case study of the health effects caused by a 12,000 hp compressor station in Minisink, NY.  The proposed station for New Ipswich , NH is 40,000 hp ( 20-30 Megawatts).

slide show Slide presentation of health effects of a compressor station based upon studies done at Minisink, NY. This compressor station is only 1/4 the size of the one planned for New Ipswich.

slides Jun 2015 Harvard study

slideshow Volatile Organic Compounds and more

DES Members of the Department of Environmental Services explained the permitting process.DES meeting Attentive audience

DES meeting Taking notesDES meeting Jim Coffey of New Ipswich asks a questionDES meeting Full houseWendy Wendy Juchnevics-Freeman who is on the New Ipswich Pipeline Advisory Committee. She asked the NH DES some pointed questions about emissions and blow-downs from compressor stations. The man standing behind her in a maroon striped shirt and glasses is a reporter from NHPR, Sam Evans-Brown. Temple Town Hall


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