Throwback Thursday – Lillian’s China Cabinet

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In October of 2010 my sister and I traveled down to New Canaan, CT to pick up a china cabinet that my cousin was donating to the New Boston Historical Society. After my Aunt Lillian had died her daughter was emptying the home that her parents had lived in for over 60 years. I was nostalgic about the place because I had spent many weekend sleep overs with my cousin Bob.  It didn’t seem right to see it empty.

Janis home in 1944
Janis home in 1944 located at 1 Leslie Lane, New Canaan, CT.
Leslie Lane
The early years with my Aunt Lillian and Uncle Ed. The baby in this photo is my cousin Bob and the photo was taken in 1948.
Lisa Cynthia
October, 2, 2010 – My cousin Lisa (with flashlight) and Cynthia packing up the house with stuff, lots and lots of stuff.
Old wood has a distinctive odor and color. This was the garage that once housed a Chevrolet Corvair with the vanity plate EJCO
Living Room
Empty living room. The nook under the windows was the dining table and location of the annual Christmas tree.
The attic was the location of piles of old Superman comics which I would read whenever I came for an overnight.
China cabinet, odds and ends and an industrial size trash can. Packed and ready to return to New Hampshire.
China Cabinet
Lillian’s china cabinet in place at the New Boston Historical Society.

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Lillian’s China Cabinet

  1. Hey Throwback Thursdayers, I feel a picture of the lovely cabinet we inherited that is partially redone. It has a mirror inlay and a drawer for odds and ends, shoes, right now…It was wonderful to have a piece to remember our lovely Aunt and Uncle …. I feel when I retire the remainder of the wood will be stripped and restained. We cherish it!


  2. Anyway when I return home from work later today I will put a photo of this cabinet out so John can see it(and you all can too)! I am so glad that day was sunny and bright, even without the flashlight!


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