New Boston Rail Trail

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On a beautiful October Sunday afternoon, I joined my sister and Connecticut friends on a leisurely stroll along the New Boston Rail Trail. The trail  is 4.5 mile long and is located on the former bed of the Boston and Maine Railroad. The trail runs along the Piscataquog River and offers opportunities for fishermen.

The railroad would transport milk to three hotels in Boston owned by J. R. Whipple of New Boston. The train would return with food scraps for animals. The trail is undergoing a three year renovation project by the NB RailTrail Committee and the portion we hiked was in excellent condition.

New Boston Rail Trail
Rail Trail Sign
New Boston Rail Trail
Susan Carr, John and Jan Dembosky were my hiking buddies
New Boston Rail Trail
A more serious photo of John, Susan and Jan
Beaver carving
Beaver evidence, do you see grumpy cat?
New Boston Rail Trail
Rail trails are level and easy to walk
New Boston Rail Trail
Foliage hasn’t changed yet. Quiet and peaceful place to walk.
Nature prevails, it won’t be deterred by stone.
Lang Station
Lang Station is the place where farmers would leave their milk for the Boston hotels.

Lang Station Historic Lang Station (image hosted on the NB RailTrail webpage

Autumn is Fungi month and I saw this on the trail



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