Baltimore Oriole Feeder

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This is a tale of a Baltimore Oriole Feeder sans Baltimore Orioles.

When we vacation on the Cape I always visit the Bird Watchers General Store to see what items I might purchase for my feathered friends. A lot of people I know have great luck attracting Baltimore Orioles with orange slices and specialized feeders. After looking at some flimsy plastic feeders I settled on this glass and iron one which seems indestructible. So far no Orioles but this Gray Catbird seems to like it.

This weekend I’m shopping for oranges so this saga is not finished.

Gray Catbird by John Poltrack on


Gray Catbird by John Poltrack on

Naturally it figures that my nemesis would have a taste for grape jelly.


Thief by John Poltrack on

This fellow was actually licking the jelly off his paws. Still waiting for an Oriole.


Thief by John Poltrack on


2 thoughts on “Baltimore Oriole Feeder

  1. Ha ! Like John I go to the Birdwatcher’s General Store ~ the funny thing about this feeder. We each bought one independently. We met up at the French Cable Station Museum and in chatting wanted to share “oh you should see the new birdfeeder I got!” We laughed as we had chosen the exact same version with exactly the same rationale. Mine also has attracted catbird – but from what I can see the squirrels have left it … or maybe I am just not catching them in it. The funny thing is there is a beautiful oriole at the feeder I set up for Alexander! And no special feeder there. Go figure.


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