You have been warned!

I try to remember to have a camera with me at all times because you never know what you might see. I always keep my eye out for signs that might be appropriate for the photo theme #SignSunday.

Enjoy the view (at your own risk)
I chose not to enter the water and be dashed on the rocks at Halibut Point State Park in Rockport, MA
Don't Fall

Sign at Highbridge in New Ipswich. It is a little scary to stand on a rock bridge that was built in the 1800s
Strong Currents
Chatham Cape Cod, a place to be afraid of everything

What a blast!
They aren’t kidding, walking into  propeller could ruin your day. A jet exhaust blast could send you flying off the deck.

Enjoy your swim
More bad news from Chatham
Avoid being eaten, stung or bitten
Sharks, Jellyfish and Seals….. Seals?

Escherichia coli
We took a chance and jumped in anyway
Enjoy your hike
I hate ticks, creepy disease vectors. Enjoy your hike.

Buy your warning signs at


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