Throwback Thursday – Navy Edition

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My Aunt Adeline served in the Navy in WWII
She kept EVERY piece of correspondence, Christmas Cards, books etc
Apparently she went on a tour of the USS Toledo in 1946

Check out the website to learn about this heavy cruiser of the Baltimore class
The video/slideshow shows these poor sailors lugging ordnance up the side of the ship. It was easier for us on the carrier

When I was aboard the USS Bon Homme Richard we would have an occasional fly over
This is not very clear, but I think these might be Russkies checking us out
On the flight deck

I didn’t know it at the time, but this is probably Da Nang harbor. According to a Wikipedia entry  we anchored here to show the alleged pacification of the region. This was 1970 and there was nothing peaceful about what was going on over my shoulder.

My locker only contained items I cared about, canisters of film, books and music cassettes.
One small corner was devoted to Navy Stuff like my uniform
Imagine how much more room I could have with a MP3 player and SD memory cards?
A restful nights sleep in bunk 64 on a thick “mattress”
We’d sleep on our clothes to make it a bit softer and also “press” out wrinkles.
They weren’t too fussy about uniforms and other nonsense during operations, there was too much work to be done.

Above me was the flight deck and catapult which was going 24 X 7 during flight operations
You’d hear the catapult get louder and louder as it traveled across the deck. I never managed to sleep through that

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