Breakwater North Light

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Good morning, spring is less than a month away. In May of 2006 we visited our daughter when she was running in the Burlington Marathon in Vermont. This photo was taken of the Breakwater North Light in Lake Champlain.

Lake Champlain - Burlington Breakwater North Light by John Poltrack on
Burlington Breakwater North Light



Portland Head Light

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“Sail on; Sail on ye stately ships.

And with your floating bridge and ocean span.

Be mine to guard this light from all eclipse.

Be yours to bring man near unto man.”

  • Longfellow


Good morning, The photo theme for today is #LighthouseThursday.

I’ve picked a landmark lighthouse in Maine. The Portland light in  Cape Elizabeth. It was built in 1791

Portland Head Lighthouse
Portland Head Lighthouse
Henry Wadworth Longfellow
Portland Light in black and white
Processed photo in Siver Efex software to give it a more antique look
Photo Opportunity
Tourists at the Lighthouse. I always get a kick out of folks using an iPad for photos.
Wet Paint
A “Wet Paint” event. Local artist create a painting which will comprise an auction event to raise funds for the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust.