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You may have noticed a change of format to this blog. I hope that won’t confuse folks but  I wanted to feature all the navigation tools that were available with this WordPress theme. On a desktop screen you will see a right and and a left sidebar. It looks  little busy but you might find the tools useful for finding previous postings.

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One of the Saturday photo themes is #BenchSaturday and here are a few of my picks.

Dunn State Park Bluegrass Jam by John Poltrack on

I took this photo at the November Bluegrass Jam at Dunn State Park in Gardner, MA. In the afternoon the sun was low in the sky and I liked the lighting of this bench. The park is wonderful as well as the folks that I have the pleasure of playing music with.

Relax by John Poltrack on

I take a morning walk in New Ipswich which takes me along Taylor Road. I took this photo of a bench by the Souhegan River. This photo has been filtered but it makes me think of summer.

Cathedral of the Pines by John Poltrack on

One of the gems of the Monadnock Region is Cathedral of the Pines located in Rindge, NH. I’ve visited this many times. Originally this cathedral was under a canopy of pines as its name suggests, In 2008 that all changed when we experienced a catastrophic ice storm. After an extensive cleanup this is the way it looks now.

What A View! by John Poltrack on

When I visit my cousin in Bell Island in Norwalk, CT I always walk over to Rocky Point which juts out into the Long Island Sound. From this vantage point the New York skyline was visible. When the towers fell on September 11, 2001 the smoke could be seen.

Rocky Point by John Poltrack on 500px.comAnother shot at Rocky Point rendered in Sepia


Dunn State Park Music Jam : November 2015

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On the first Sunday at the month from 1 – 4 PM at Dunn State Park in Gardner, MA. a number of folks gather to pick out a few tunes. We play bluegrass, gospel, folk and some country. It is great fun. This time we arrived in the middle of a birthday party and become part of the festivities.

Dunn State Park Bluegrass Jam

Betty and Lew Wilson (guitar), Pam Harris (banjo)

Pam picks out Big Sandy River on the 5 string

Dunn State Park Bluegrass Jam

We play in the lodge with this view of Dunn Pond.