When things go wrong II

“and how Windows 10 makes it worse”

On December 10, 2015 one of the hard drives in my computer failed.  I realized this would happen eventually and had  purchased a computer with a redundant array of independent disks  (RAID 1). In the RAID 1 configuration two disks act as one, with each a mirror of the other. It protects the data but offers none of the features of the other RAID configurations. When my computer took hours to render a web page, I realized it was having a few issues. I jumped through a number of hoops to format a disk and add it the RAID

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Unknown Error Unknown error?  Clicking on More Help offered no help.

I purchased my Desktop Computer in March of 2011 while I was still employed at HP.

Knowing that hard drives will eventually fail, I spent more money to have it equipped with two drives in a RAID 1 configuration. If one disk fails,  the other mirrored drive will take over.

Recently I got a message that a drive was degraded. I replaced it with a larger drive, rebooted a few times and things looked promising. The RAID utility saw the new drive and offered to rebuild the mirror. Then I got the unknown software error.

I played around with the POST utility on a cold reboot to no avail. At this point I have a system that won’t boot, a hard drive with thousands of photos and software that I cannot use.


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