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Several years ago I scanned some photos that my wife’s niece had been keeping in a shoebox taken in the 1950s and 1960s. These were taken at several of the Indian Reserves along the west coast  of Vancouver Island. My wife lived in several of the various locations, Hot Springs, Ceepeecee, Zeballos and Nuchatlitz. She also attended several of the Indian Residential Schools, Christie, Saint Mary’s and Mission, all of which were part of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement agreement announced in 2006.

I have no detailed information about the date, location or people in the photos with the exception of the ones with my wife and her relatives. I believe these photos are of historical significance, and that is why I intend to post them. This is the first in the series.


Stern Priest
It would be unfair to characterize this priest with only a photo but he looks to me like someone you didn’t want to mess with

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