Have a seat

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I couldn’t resist sitting in this chair on this November day waiting to commune with the departed Ross family. It was quite comfortable.

“A striking memorial is that in the north end of the yard, looking across to Gap Mountain. It is a great stone chair, fit to be the throne of a monarch of the hills. It is a memorial of the Ross family, three generations of whom lived hereabout. It is said that according to the belief of a descendant, spirits often return to the scenes of their earthly existence, and so, with filial respect, he placed for them this chair, facing the sunset, where in seemly fashion they may sit at ease when they return to muse upon the scene of their earthly existence.

For most of those who are resting here the final journey was brief. Their temporal homes were near-by, and often they had looked with composure across the unobstructed fields to this pleasant hillside, where they counted on a peaceful sleep and a glorious awakening. Upon their grave stones, are the old sentiments of sorrow and loss, sustained and soothed by an unfaltering trust in a better hereafter. Their epitaphs and inscriptions are our introduction to those who have gone the way of earth before us. They are the means by which they sought to communicate to us, as in duty bound, the lessons they had learned from the brevity of life and certainty of death.”

– excerpt from Volume I of the Jaffrey Town History. The “Old Phillips Graveyard” is now referred to as the Phillips-Heil Cemetery.


Phillips-Heil Cemetery by John Poltrack on 500px.com
Phillips-Heil Cemetery


Phillips-Heil Cemetery by John Poltrack on 500px.com
Ross family graves



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