Frozen Croissants

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Yikes it’s winter, I almost forgot I lived in New Hampshire. The first plowable snowfall that is mostly sleet.  I miss those 60 degree days last week.

For the last several years my daughter orders ridiculously expensive frozen croissants from Williams-Sonoma. They are packed in dry ice which I consider part of the gift, When we were kids we would BEG the Good Humor ice cream man to give us a piece of dry ice. The stuff is cool, really cool, -109.3 F degrees of frozen carbon dioxide. You can make a bomb from it but I really liked to drop it in warm water and watch it “boil” as it sublimated from frozen to a gaseous state. This year I threw a few pieces in isopropyl alcohol with the hopes of freezing some camellia flowers. The flowers were brittle but to do this right I really need liquid nitrogen (-321 degrees F).

The croissants were great and I got this photo from the dry ice.

Snowmen by John Poltrack on



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