Eagles for Christmas

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It was an unseasonably warm Christmas in 2015. There had been several eagle sightings in New Ipswich, NH, and I asked friends to give me a call if they see any. The call came on Christmas afternoon and I hurried over to Waterloom Pond with my camera.

I own an inexpensive 300mm telephoto lens. Foolishly I had forgotten to take my monopod which might have stabilized these shots more. Cheaper lens are a slower and I had to push the ISO setting to 1000 to get the exposure with  fast shutter. I’m not very happy with the photos but seeing an eagle on Christmas Day was a wonderful Christmas gift.

Eagles in New Ipswich
When I arrived the male had flown to a far tree. This photo is agressively cropped and much of the detail is lost.
Eagles in New Ipswich
A male eagle stretches his wings. Even at a far distance these birds are impressive to see.
Eagles in New Ipswich
Female eagle rests on a stump. It is moments like this that makes me wish I had a decent telephoto lens.

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