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The war memorial “Buddies” is located near the bandstand in Jaffrey, NH. In 1928 sculptor Viggo Brandt-Ericksen received  funding to carve this massive work from a 40 ton granite boulder that was dug out of a hillside west of Jaffrey Center. It took six weeks to drag it to it’s current location. The work was done when the ground was frozen to avoid damage to the road. For two years Viggo labored on the stone, and the work was dedicated on Armistice Day in 1930 (Nov 11, 1930).

Buddies Sculpture
“Buddies” a sculpture by Viggo Brandt-Ericksen
Buddies Sculpture
“Buddies” sculpture in center of Jaffrey on the green.
The Stone House
The Stone House, residence of Viggo and his third wife Martha “Patt” Mott from 1946-1949



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