Old Burying Ground

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November has been unseasonably warm, and  I took the opportunity to explore some local graveyards. This is the grave of Mrs, Jaen Harper, it is the oldest stone the Old Burying Ground in Jaffrey, NH (1777). It is held together with some weathered boards.

What I found most interesting is the carving on the stone of a hourglass. This is not a common motif.

My Glafs is run & fo muft yours

And the epitaph

Death like an overflowing Flood, Doth fweep us all away; The Young the Old the Middle Age, To Death becomes a Prey.

I have no idea why “f” was substituted for “s” but it is common with old stones.


Mrs.Jaen Harper
Grave of Mrs. Jaen Harper, the oldest gravestone at the Old Buryinfg Ground in Jaffrey, NH.
My Glass is run
Detail of inscription
Mrs.Jaen Harper
Mrs.Jean Harper 1777



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