Tree Tuesday

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There is a mood to November. The foliage is past, the weather is turning cold and there is an anticipation of the holidays. On a particularily warm day I took a short walk to Flood Control Dam Site 35. There are a few dead weathered trees with a lot of character that I like to photograph.

The second photo is bit more interesting,  I noticed that the shadows tended to suggest eye sockets which suggests some kind of tree creature. Maybe it’s just my Tolkienist way of thinking about things.

Lone Tree
November at the Souhegan Flood Control Dam Site 35 in New Ipswich, NH. The only splash of color in this shot are the red berries on the ilex verticillata.
Tree Creature
I was experimenting with different HDR settings for this photo when I started to notice that I see facial features. Do you?

3 thoughts on “Tree Tuesday

    1. Thank Betsy, I have fun putting these together and have some ideas for next year. BTW I tried to get some photos that showed the construction of Damsite 35 in Smithville from the state but they didn’t take photos! Does the NIHS have any photos of Smithville when there was a large body of water closer to the bridge on Goen Road?


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