Old Burying Ground

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One of the more interesting graveyards that I visited in November was the Old Burying Ground in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. It is located behind the Old Meeting House on Blackberry Lane not far from the  Monadnock Inn.

One of the more striking graves is this elaborate one that Danish Sculptor Count Viggo Brandt-Ericksen carved for his first wife. They were in France at the time of their infant daughter’s death and Dorothy realized her own death was imminent and requested that her ashes be buried in the shadow of Mount Monadnock  in Jaffrey where they had lived. This grave faces Mount Monandnock.

Dorothy Caldwell Grave & Daughter
The elaborate grave of Dorothy Caldwell and her infant daughter. Sculpted by her husband Count Viggo Brandt-Ericksen
Dorothy Caldwell Grave & Daughter
The ascension is depicted on the right side of the grave.
Dorothy Caldwell Grave & Daughter
Depiction of and angel, Jesus and sleeping centurion on left side of grave
Dorothy Caldwell Grave & Daughter
This is the most elaborate tomb in the graveyard and one of only a few that is above the ground.



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