Sunset at First Encounter Beach

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Good Morning, it’s a chilly 37(F) degrees outside. I may already be tired of winter and it hasn’t even arrived. I’ll post a photo taken in warmer days.

I’ve been experimenting with various WordPress blogging themes which give this page its appearance. Themes are style sheets that control the layout of the menus and sidebars. Since this is primarily a photo blog, I was looking for the best way to display images, however I also wanted the functionality of the sidebars. It’s impossible to do both with limited real-estate.

However today I discovered that I enable to image to link to its hosting location which will show the original image. In this photo the image lives in the Google Cloud. So what does this mean to you dear reader.

Simple, if you want to see a larger version of a photo simply click on it.

I’ve only done this with only a couple of  photos but will eventually retrofit more. I’ve added a white border around the enabled photos to indicated that they are linked.Try it and let me know what you think.

…. and stay warm, think summer.

First Encounter
Sunset at First Encounter Beach in Eastham, MA

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