Photo Theme : Cemetery Saturday

Vale End Cemetery

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After visiting Vale’s End Cemetery on Halloween I decide to check out another haunted cemetery on Pine Hill Road which is known as Blood Cemetery. Sadly when I arrived workers were using leaf blowers and other power equipment so it was hard to experience the quiet these places offer.

I consider November to be the best time to visit graveyards. The skies are gray, the autumn colors fade and life withdraws into hibernation. It is a time to look inward and consider that we will end up in these places.

Abel Blood The vandalized gravestone of Abel Blood, the person that gave “Blood Cemetery” its name. The gravestone was engraved with a finger pointing toward heaven which allegedly would move and point downward. Sad to see it was stolen.

Two children in one grave. I found this to be an unusual gravestone since it was carved for two children who died within five days of each other. I can only imagine some disease that took them and the grief the parents must have endured.

East End Cemetery I stopped by East End Cemetery on my way home and encountered this elaborate carving. It was nice to see that this person was remembered.


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