Souhegan River Flood Control Site 19

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SITE 19 Height: 35.5 feet Length: 1,200 feet Maximum Storage: 2,378 acre-feet Hazard Classification: High hazard Areas Susceptible to Breach Flooding: Ashby Road, Waterloom Falls, N.H. Route 124 (at High Bridge), the Mill Pond at Otis Falls, Main Street, Mill Street, Old Wilton Road and perhaps N.H. Route 31. Any development along the Souhegan River between these road crossings/structures may also be susceptible to flooding.

There are 4 earthen flood control dams in New Ipswich, site 19 has the greatest holding capacity.

The GPS Coordinates for the center of the dam are

42°43’25.1″N 71°51’00.7″W

Site 19 There is no public access to this site. The gate is locked.Site 19 The largest body of water of all the Flood Control dams in New Ipswich, 2378 acre feet maximum storage.Site 19 View from top of damSite 19 Unknown monitoring device, does anyone know what this might be?Site 19 Unlike the other three dams, site 19 has a concrete spillway. It also has no access or trails along the water.Site 19 All the dams have a similar structure for outflow. I believe the bars will keep debris from clogging the drain pipe.Site 19 There are no trails and I was walking through high grass to take this shot. I imagine this is tick heaven.Site 19 This would be an impressive place to be during a flood.Site 19 One last view


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