Souhegan River Flood Control Site 14

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We have four flood control dams in New Ipswich. Dam Site 14 is accessible via Thayer Road.

The GPS Coordinates  for the center of the dam are 42°45’54.8″N 71°51’32.2″W

SITE 14 Height: 35 feet Length: 1,500 feet Maximum Storage: 885 acre-feet Hazard Classification: High hazard Areas Susceptible to Breach Flooding: Ashley Mill Road, Greenville Road, Tricnut Road, N.H. Route 124 (Old Turnpike Road), and the Mill Pond at Otis Falls. Any development along Furnace Brook and the Souhegan River between these road crossings/structures may also be susceptible to flooding.

Town Conservation Land

Furnace Brook

Furnace Brook

Conservation Land

Flood Control Dam 14 on Thayer Road

Conservation Land

The Souhegan River is  Class B (fishable and swimmable) for its entire length.

Possible Lightning Strike?

I started to explore the woods on each end of the dam and found this tree which appears to be a victim of a lightning strike.

Conservation Land

I’m not sure about the borders of the conservation land so I only ventured a bit into the woods. It is a wonderful place.

Conservation Land

Conservation Land

Conservation Land


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