Hoar Pond Trail

Hoar Pond

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In 1988 Bronson Potter donated land to the town of New Ipswich which is now known as the Nussdorfer Nature Area. In 1990 the town purchased rights to an additional 10 acres to augment the conservation area. The trail is blazed with yellow square markers but would benefit from more trail volunteers to maintain it.

All of the protected lands  in New Ipswich can be found on the town’s website

– Go to http://www.TownOfNewIpswich.org
– Click on “Maps” link on the left-hand side of the home page.
– Then click on “Town of New Ipswich, NH GIS Layers” link.
– Then click on “List GIS Layers” icon (3rd from left).
– Then set the “Protected Land” checkbox to checked.

Stone Marker for Ted Nussdorfer
The Nature Area is named for the former chairman of the New Ipswich Conservation Commission. The current Chairman is Bob Boynton.
Beech Bark Disease
There is a large stand of Beech (Fagus grandifolia) along the trail. However they are succumbing to Beech Bark Disease.
Hemlock Trees
Also along the trail is a large stand of Hemlock, one of my favorite trees.
Hoar Pond
The highlight of the trail is the approach to Hoar Pond with an overlook among a stand of Mountain Azalea.
Hoar Pond
Another view of Hoar Pond
A view from a bridge that was constructed over the beaver box runoff stream. At this point there is no defined path.
Autumn is a prime time for Fungi, but this was the only toadstool I saw.
The Hobble-Bush (Virburnum lantanoides) , so named because the stems can set root which can trip walkers. This plant has interesting features throughout the season.

I assumed that the trail would follow the shoreline around the pond but after a while I only encountered a confusing intersection of logging roads.


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