New Ipswich Harvest Festival

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It was cold and raw on the day of the New Ipswich Harvest Festival but everyone seemed to be dressed for the weather.

When I think of Autumn Festivals I think of apples and pumpkins
Music with seating on hay bales
Pumpkin Painting
Pumpkin painting booth hosted by Mason Brook Nursery
Pumpkin painting
This pumpkin appeared to have some intestinal distress. Actually it was a target in a pie throwing booth.
Cow pie bingo. Once the cow deposits a chip on the grid a winner is declared.
Nennie and friend
Nennie’s Five Star Catering provided a great selection of hot food which was quite welcome on such a cold day.
Chicken BBQ
Chicken BBQ.
Lucy Hutching
Lucy Hutching with her warmly dressed children.
Lucy's child
I couldn’t resist taking extra photos of Lucy’s “kidz”
Lucy's child
Keeping warm
Eli Hutching
Eli dressed for the weather
Harvest Fair
Dressing for the weather
Harvest Fair
Warm Hat

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