Floral Friday : Helenium autumnale

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I took an early retirement from Hewlett-Packard  in September of 2012. The company gave me a buyout check and a clock which stopped at 2:30 AM today when the battery died. It was a short lived retirement because I quickly learned that no work means no paycheck.  My cash flow has been remedied with a better job at a start-up company.

My co-workers were more thoughtful than HP when they gave me a gift certificate to Mason Hollow Nursery. I used it to purchase plants for what I like to call my “Retirement Garden”. Unlike the clock which stopped this morning, the plants are thriving each year. One of these plants is the Helenium autumnale.



The clock is running fine again with a fresh battery. It’s important to change AA batteries once a year around the time daylight savings time ends.


One thought on “Floral Friday : Helenium autumnale

  1. I love my helenium which came from my mother’s front steps in Fitchburg. It has sentimental value to me , but it gets too tall and needs to be staked.


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